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Zom-B Gladiator


Zom-B Gladiator

Horror and fantasy writer Darren Shan is on the eighth installment of the ZOM-B series. He is the author of the children’s title CIRQUE DU FREAK, and has written various adult novels, including The City TRILOGY. Shan is an avid comic book reader, so Warren Pleece’s illustrations are a perfect fit for his novels. This series approaches zombies in a new light and is very different from your normal zombie story. The living becomes the dead, and the dead becomes the living.

Darren Shan has a passion for horror and he really expresses it through the ZOM-B series 

ZOM-B: Gladiator continues the story of “B,” a former zombie that was injected with an anti-virus serum invented by Dr. Oystein. B hangs out with a crew of revived zombies in County Hall, the safest area in town for miles. Although B and her crew are harmless to humans, they still feast on brains in order to survive. Zombies can sense that they are of a different breed, too. The sixth book takes a wry turn for the worse. B is held prisoner on a boat by the notorious child killer Dan-Dan, and she is forced to fight blood-thirsty zombies in a gladiator ring.

Darren Shan has a passion for horror and he really expresses it through the ZOM-B series. These books are fairly short and easy to read, but I wouldn’t recommend them to teens and children below the age of 15. There’s some foul language and violent drawings that may be somewhat unsuitable for younger kids. Otherwise, this is a great series and I would urge anyone who is interested in horror and fantasy to read them.

Reviewed by Sheena Kowalski on January 21, 2014

Zom-B Gladiator
by Darren Shan