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A plot-twisting multiple perspective space adventure, ZENITH leaves readers hungry for the next installment. The book follows main character Androma Racella who has been nicknamed the Bloody Baroness for her pirate reputation. Androma and her all-girl crew find themselves hired for a man from Androma’s past. As readers learn about the secrets of the galaxy through the multiple perspectives, the pieces start to slowly click as the plot twists unravel themselves.

Lindsay Cummings is best known for her book THE MURDER COMPLEX and her middle grade series The Balance Keepers. Sasha Alsberg is a BookTuber with over 350,000 subscribers. ZENITH was previously published in 2016 as an e-book by the authors with only the first part, and it hit the New York Times bestseller list at number one and was picked up by a publisher to be republished in 2018. This sci-fi space adventure will appeal to fans of ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and STARFLIGHT by Melissa Landers. The all-girl crew of the Marauder, the ship Androma is captain of, finished a job when they find themselves at the mercy of a powerful man who wants to hire them for a job. From there readers experience a bar fight, a prison breakout and romance. ZENITH has a bit of everything sprinkled in, action, kick butt fight scenes, pirates, prison breakouts and romance.

"Space fantasies with a crew of amazing girls are always promising and I am happy to say that ZENITH delivered! I highly recommend this book to everyone...."

I did not read the first part of ZENITH that was released in 2016 so I was quite excited to read the final version in 2018. Science fiction isn’t my main YA genre but when done well I love sci-fi books. ZENITH is a pretty large book and I was so invested in the book that it felt so much shorter than it was. I kept trying to guess the various plot twists because readers are given so many clues through the multiple perspectives besides Androma’s and I was proud of myself for figuring most of them out. I did not however figure out the ending of the book which was a total shock and the last chapter of the book had me itching for the next book already.

While I did fly through the book rather quickly, I did feel that some parts of the book were unrealistic time wise. For instance I felt that one scene involving a prison was too quick and easy and the mission went so cleanly it felt fake. I also did not like the forced romance between two characters. The book is so awesome with female leads and queens who are powerhouses that the romance took away from that. I also could not connect with Androma, the main character. She felt very boring to me and I could not get a feel for her personality. I also did not feel any chemistry between any of the characters, romance and platonic.

Space fantasies with a crew of amazing girls are always promising and I am happy to say that ZENITH delivered! I highly recommend this book to everyone and I would also recommend going into the book blind without any prior research or looking at the reviews because they could have accidental spoilers. ZENITH felt like something new and old at the same time with an amazing cast of characters who made me smile. The writing was seamless and I really could not tell which parts of the book were by Sasha Alsberg and which parts were written by Lindsay Cummings. I’m quite happy with book one and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!

Reviewed by Ilona K., Teen Board Member on January 26, 2018

by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings