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You'd Be Mine


You'd Be Mine

Annie Mathers is a gifted singer and songwriter. She loves what she does, but she is ever wary of the dangers that can come with fame and fortune --- and for good reason. Her parents were perfect examples of how everything could go wrong, even when you’re on top of the world. 


So when country star Clay Coolidge approaches her to request she and her band join him on tour, she is hesitant to accept his offer. Clay, however, is desperate for her help --- if she refuses, his music label is going to drop him. He needs her good name and clean reputation.


Once Clay finally wins her over, Annie and her band join him on tour. Annie is excited to play all throughout the country, and so are her new fans --- fans who are eagerly speculating her and Clay’s relationship. Annie wants to say there’s no truth in their theorizing --- but what if there is? She is well aware of how badly a high-profile relationship with someone like Clay could end. So why won’t her heart get with the program?


The story focuses on Clay’s struggle with wanting to be a better person. He knows what kind of person he is, and he doesn’t lie to himself about it, but as the story unfolds it becomes increasingly evident that he wants to change. The problem is that he doesn’t know what he wants to become. As everything progresses, he slowly discovers who he wants to be.


Hahn showed that even though these characters are amazing and talented, they have also lived not-so-perfect lives. They are ‘broken’ characters, but this fact does not define every moment of their lives. I think this was done very well, and this distinction is a pretty important one in the world of YA. Lots of books have characters who are emotionally or physically scarred, and lots of times these characters become their malady: ‘that kid who’s afraid of large crowds’ or ‘that dude with the dead parents’ or something. This book managed to keep away from this common issue and instead presented characters who are more than just their grief.


And, of course, the romance in YOU’D BE MINE is breathtaking and adorable! I’m not exactly sure what I expected when I started reading it, but it totally surprised me in a spectacular way!


YOU’D BE MINE also sported wonderfully colorful descriptions and settings. With them being on a country-wide tour, you would expect there to be a lot of different settings and let me tell you this: it did not disappoint! There’s a huge variety of places in this book and a lot of them are pretty awesome.


To sum it all up, YOU’D BE MINE is a darling book with romance, realistic characters and country music. If you’re looking for a read akin to THE HEARTBREAKERS or TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE, then this is the next one for you!

Reviewed by Nina L. on April 25, 2019

You'd Be Mine
by Erin Hahn