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You Will Be Mine


You Will Be Mine

YOU WILL BE MINE focuses on Lylah, a college student whose friends keep disappearing with only terrifying letters left in their wake. She and her friends believe it is Jake, another student at their college who happens to have a borderline obsessive crush on Lylah, but is he really the one terrorizing them? This is Preston’s newest book, she is a New York Times bestselling author who started her career on the writing website Wattpad. This book seemed to me to use an overused cliché, teen girl with a stalker who kills people who are close to her.

Overall I found it hard to enjoy the book. I knew the ending of the book within the first five pages. I figured out who the stalker would be and I was ultimately correct. I also found the language very choppy and juvenile. At first I thought it could be an artistic choice, like the mind of a high schooler, but when I learned the main character was in college I realized that most likely was not the case.

"Preston’s book was a quick read...but the story still seemed to be lacking. I’d recommend this to people who enjoy murder mysteries/ thrillers...."

I really wanted to like YOU WILL BE MINE; the blurb interested me with the way it was worded, even though I thought the plot would be full of platitudes. The story is gruesome, involving human hearts and lots of dead bodies, but I felt no emotion reading the scenes in which Lylah and her friends find another person slaughtered. The characters are crying and in shock and I don’t feel any empathy towards them, there was no reason for the audience to care about the characters and their feelings.

Preston’s book seems like it is supposed to be an epistolary novel, as it is written in first person with the day of the week and date at the beginning of each chapter but I cannot figure out if it is supposed to be Lylah’s diary or journal or what. It could just be used to set each scene, indicating how much time has passed but it personally gave me hope for something that did not come to fruition.

The characters themselves are not very bright. The last sentences in the blurb say, “Except Sonny never comes home. And a new note arrives: Your turn,” which led me to assume that when Sonny didn’t arrive home the next morning after their night out partying, his friends would immediately realize something was wrong. But no, they spend the morning coming up with reasons why Sonny didn’t return, even though Lylah knows those reasons are absurd. Eventually they do report his disappearance to campus security who in turn report it to the police, but it seems like a last ditch effort instead of the first choice. YOU WILL BE MINE has plot holes as well. Certain things don’t make sense, like how a person could bring a dead body to or murder a person in a public building without cameras or other people noticing.

Preston’s book was a quick read, and once I got over my problems with the diction used I was able to read it in less than a week, but the story still seemed to be lacking. I’d recommend this to people who enjoy murder mysteries/ thrillers but I didn’t feel like it was much of a mystery personally. Overall Preston’s novel had potential in my opinion but it didn’t reach it.

Reviewed by Emma B., Teen Board Member on March 12, 2018

You Will Be Mine
by Natasha Preston