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You Owe Me a Murder


You Owe Me a Murder

Kim isn’t exactly looking forward to her school trip to London --- her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend will be going. When she meets Nicki, an outgoing, wild and affable new friend, things seem to be looking up. The girls bond over booze, boys and their misfortunes on the long flight. Nicki is willing to listen to Kim and, with her great sense of humor, the girls joke about how Kim’s ex deserves to die.


When Kim’s ex, Conner, dies when he falls onto the train tracks, she begins to worry if his death was actually a coincidence. Soon she finds herself deep in the case, questioning all of her previous actions and decisions. Was Connor’s death a suicide? Was it an accident? Or was there someone behind the chaos, perhaps someone who was initiated by Kim’s own foolishness? Kim realizes that her only option may be to commit a murder or take the blame for one.


I enjoyed many parts of YOU OWE ME A MURDER. Kim’s character was well written, although there were some unrealistic parts that put her, at times, in awkward situations. The story was told through Kim’s eyes, which allowed the reader to feel more connected to her character and experience the raw emotion she felt throughout the novel. I also liked Alex, her new love interest, who was a sweet, innocent boy. I honestly think she didn't deserve his affection. Cook did a great job with Nicki’s character, making the reader feel a passionate dislike for her mastermind manipulation skills.


The pacing was also very well done and left the reader wondering what would come next. Although I found some of the parts of the story to be a bit predictable, there were plenty of surprising plot twists and the overall ending was not what I expected at all. The use of dramatic irony elevates the story to another level and had me practically screaming, how does she not see what’s going on? In reality, even I had no idea of many of the things that were to come. I also appreciated the fact that once I finished the book, I thought about what I would have done in Kim’s situation. One thing that I didn’t like as much was the fact that many of the secondary characters were underdeveloped and forgettable.


YOU OWE ME A MURDER is recommended for fans of ONE OF US IS LYING, E. Lockhart and Gillian Flynn. I would also recommend this book to teens who are looking for an unpredictable mystery novel that is impossible to put down.

Reviewed by Mia M. on February 26, 2019

You Owe Me a Murder
by Eileen Cook