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Windy City Magic, Book 1: The Best Kind of Magic


Windy City Magic, Book 1: The Best Kind of Magic

Crystal Cestari is no novice when it comes to romance or creating matchmakers. Four of her stories were published in 2017, all of which include fun, somewhat cliché characters who want to find love. THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC is sure to be a hit with her fans.

Amber Sand always wanted to be a witch. But the Fates --- those sadistic meanies --- decided that she should possess the lowliest of powers (seriously, she’s even under party magicians). Amber Sand is a matchmaker.

True love? That’s her forte. No, really. Give her five seconds and she will tell you exactly what your other half looks like. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a name too. Matchmaking has its perks. After years of experience, Amber realizes that it doesn’t matter that people despise knowing that their “current beau” might not be their “forever beau”; the truth had to be spoken. She just doesn’t understand their negative reactions.

The only downside to Ambrer’s powers (you know, besides being considered the lowliest supernatural out there) is that she can’t see her own soulmate. Ha. Ha. Ironic, isn’t it?

"Crystal Cestari’s THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC is a quick, easy read for bookworms of all ages."

So when Charlie Blitzman asks her to help him find his missing future stepmom, what is Amber to do but accept? She is curious about the case anyway. But true to their terrible personalities, the Fates cannot just let Amber enjoy herself. She just HAS to start falling for Charlie. However, she can’t. She can’t look into his eyes and ignore the fact that she should not fall in love and that no deliciously sugary pastry in the world could help her, because his future love life is crystal clear and Amber is definitely not the leading lady.

Crystal Cestari’s THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC is a quick, easy read for bookworms of all ages. Similar to most books, the beginning is slow-paced. It serves to reflect Amber’s feeling of boredom and dread as the day progresses. However, the premise is so impossible to ignore that readers will have no choice but to continue reading. I admit that the plotline was predictable and cliche at times, often prompting me to merely skim through, but that did not deter the need to finish the book. After all, the plot was open to a myriad of endings. Whether or not the fact that the story contained the usual elements of a romantic comedy is a bad thing, Cestari includes various attributes that are certainly unusual. Unfortunately, all I can say is that said unusual attributes cannot be inserted here.

One complaint I have is Amber’s attitude towards mostly everything. Most heroines thrive on happy-go-lucky, optimistic personalities with some sarcasm on the side, but Amber is one of the most pessimistic heroines I have ever read about. This is, of course, limited to rom-coms. Instead of always idealizing a bright solution, Amber is realistic. She tells it how she sees it, even if it means destroying lingering hope. This is great and all, but Amber was often so pessimistic that she was whining. It was easy to forget that she was supposed to be a senior in high school, not an immature freshman. In addition, although Amber eventually went through some character development, the rest of the characters remained fairly flat. If you are looking forward to analyzing character development and picking through every action, thought and line of the characters then THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC might not be to your liking.

An incredibly strong selling point found was that THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC leaves room for a sequel but is a perfectly fine stand-alone. Various readers prefer stories that do not require reading book after book. They prefer when a story gets to the point and is wrapped up nicely. Likewise, there are hundreds that adore following characters through a series. They even abhor the idea of a character’s journey coming to an end (likewise, my fellow readers). THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC accomplishes a satisfactory read for all types of readers. If you choose to follow Amber and her friends their journey, then you can eagerly look forward to the sequel. However, if you decided you’ve had enough of Amber’s quirky, sugar-loving, sassy self then rest assured; the book will leave you feeling satisfied.

Fans of Rainbow Rowell, Jenny Han and Ally Carter should save a spot for Crystal Cestari’s THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Reviewed by Flor H., Teen Board Member on January 29, 2018

Windy City Magic, Book 1: The Best Kind of Magic
(Windy City Magic #1)
by Crystal Cestari