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Emika Chen is back to save the world in WILDCARD, Marie Lu's highly anticipated sequel to WARCROSS.

Hideo's new NeuroLink lenses are taking effect. People are lining up outside of police stations to confess. Others are killing themselves from the guilt. It's only a matter of time before Hideo has the entire population under his control --- unless Emika can stop him.

With nowhere left to turn and assassins hunting her down, Emika decides to accept Zero's offer of help. But as she becomes more entrenched in Zero's plan, she begins to uncover dark secrets about the group. What is Zero's true identity? And with time running out, how can Emika convince Hideo to stop trying to control people?

"Lu deftly balances...vivid detail with fast-paced action and rich character development....WILDCARD is a must read for all WARCROSS lovers."


I've been dying to read WILDCARD, but was a little hesitant at first since I loved WARCROSS and doubted whether the sequel would be as good. I could not have been more wrong. WILDCARD turned out to be even better than WARCROSS.

Lu kept some elements of the Warcross tournament from the last book, but most of WILDCARD revolves around Emika trying to figure out who Zero really is. From the first page, I was reminded how Marie Lu excels at world building. I immediately felt like a member of the Japanese elite in a world dominated by the NeuroLink. I could visualize everything as if I were aboard Hideo's lavish yacht or inside the intricate world of Warcross.

Lu deftly balances this vivid detail with fast-paced action and rich character development. There were so many unexpected moments and plot twists that I never saw coming but that made sense and kept my adrenaline pumping. Throughout the book, we also learn there is much more to the characters than it seems, adding to the intrigue.

One of the things I love about the series as a whole is its relevance. There are many dystopian YA books out there but all of them are kind of the same. Warcross is the only series I've read that revolves around technology. I especially appreciated how Lu treats technology and AI in a nuanced way, bringing to light its dangers while acknowledging that we cannot entirely live without it.

WILDCARD is a must read for all WARCROSS lovers. It has everything you could wish for and more!

Reviewed by Alice D., Teen Board Member on September 19, 2018

by Marie Lu