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What We Buried


What We Buried

Award-winning author of the Winterkill Trilogy, Kate A. Boorman, returns, breathing to life an enrapturing mystery in the thrilling story of WHAT WE BURIED.

It all starts when Liv and Jory’s parents suddenly disappear the day of the court date. Liv, a former beauty pageant queen currently suing her parents for emancipation, is livid. For her, the trial means freedom and justice --- finally being released from her obsessive mother’s control that has alienated and isolated her throughout her childhood.

"Boorman doesn’t fail to capture readers’ attention. This book was an amazing read, and I plan to reread it immediately....You won’t want to set this book down once you get into it --- and you might not be able to."

Jory, the last to see their parents before their disappearance, is reluctant to humor his sister in her newfound quest to find her parents and drag them back to court. Born with Moebius syndrome, or partial face paralysis, Jory was alienated in a different way --- he was discarded, left behind as Liv was pampered and glorified. From his perspective, the trial is just another ploy to land Liv back into the spotlight. Determined to find her parents as soon as possible, Liv takes a leap of faith and drives the two of them into the desert late at night. The only issue is, things take a turn for weird fast. Reality, as the two quickly realize, isn’t what it always appears to be.

Liv and Jory’s crippled relationship takes center-stage in the mess built on broken family and misunderstood actions. Each sibling’s own view is revealed as the book switches narrative between the two siblings, with their different perspectives slowly deciphered throughout the book in a series of flashbacks. Stuck with only one another for company, they’re forced to confront the elephant in the room and slowly, albeit reluctantly at first, they begin to re-establish their damaged relationship.

I enjoyed exploring the siblings’ relationship, especially as they stop seeing each other as a person they are simply stuck within the same car with, and rather as a person worth understanding. It’s evident that despite all the animosity between the two in their upbringing, Liv and Jory care for one another. It just took unraveling a few misunderstandings for them to understand that.

WHAT WE BURIED bends the reader’s view on the world, time, space and reality. Nothing is truly what it seems. In the desert, things begin appearing that don’t exactly make sense. Things --- and people --- pop in and out of existence in the desert. Time seems unfixed. In a mix of foreboding foreshadowing and supernatural phenomenon, reality is warped beyond comprehension. The obscure happenings in the dark of night might lend themselves to the peculiar and frightening experiences Liv and Jory go through, but what really goes on is left to be discovered.

I recommend WHAT WE BURIED to you if you enjoy psychological adventures. Boorman doesn’t fail to capture readers’ attention. This book was an amazing read, and I plan to reread it immediately --- I’m sure there’s so much more I’ll decipher on the second read through. You won’t want to set this book down once you get into it --- and you might not be able to. The suspense kept me up late on more than one occasion. I found myself picking the book back up over and over again, unable to keep away as the anticipation pushed me to read more and more.

Reviewed by Claire O., Teen Board Member on March 19, 2019

What We Buried
by Kate A. Boorman