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What Happens Now


What Happens Now

From standardized tests to summer planning, I haven't exactly had time for reading over the past couple of months. So when WHAT HAPPENS NOW by Jennifer Castle showed up in my mailbox last week, I couldn't wait to finally start reading something again.

To say I was not disappointed is an understatement. You know those books that keep you up through the night and into the early hours of the morning? The ones that fill your head with an entire universe of plot, setting and characters? This was one of those books.

"Words can't explain how highly I recommend this book. This is the perfect novel."

Ari Logan first noticed Camden Armstrong the summer after tenth grade but she was too scared to say anything. It wasn't until one year later, at the lake, that she finally had the courage to say "hello." One conversation turned into many and for the next few weeks, Ari flew into a whirlwind of new friends, new dreams and new adventures. I happily and speedily followed Ari to her first high school party, her job at her step fathers craft store, the fair and even a fandom convention.

Ari's summer, however, was not perfect --- and neither is she. This is what makes WHAT HAPPENS NOW such a relatable and realistic book. As Ari tries to fit in with a new group of friends, she balances her own mental health as well as issues among her peers. As I read Ari's story I couldn't help feeling as if she was a projection of myself into this new world created by Castle.

Words can't explain how highly I recommend this book. This is the perfect novel. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it definitely made me sad --- but don't worry, it made me happy again. I am about to share this book with all of my closest friends in the hopes that they can use it to better understand me, themselves, and each other.

Reviewed by Aliza M., Teen Board Member on June 9, 2016

What Happens Now
by Jennifer Castle