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We Come Apart


We Come Apart

Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan come together to write WE COME APART. Brian Conaghan lives in Dublin, Ireland, but he originally hails from Coatbridge, a Scottish town. He has written other young adult books covering a variety of social issues, just like WE COME APART does. Brian Conaghan’s other books are ONE THOUSAND FEATHERS, THE BOMBS THAT BROUGHT US TOGETHER, and WHEN MR. DOG BITES. He was nominated for the Carnegie Medal FOR WHEN MR. DOG BITES and won the 2016 Costa Children’s Book Award for THE BOMBS THAT BROUGHT US TOGETHER.

"WE COME APART is an incredible book....The poetry is simple, but nicely written, and the story is poignant, touching and sweet enough to cause a cavity. "

Sarah Crossan, meanwhile, has called many big cities home. She has lived in Dublin, London and New York and is now settled down in Hertfordshire. She has written many books including MOONRISE, APPLE AND RAIN and BREATHE. Crossan has also won many awards including the Carnegie Medal, the CILIP YA Book Prize, the CBI Book of the Year Award and the CLiPPA Poetry Award. Put these two highly-acclaimed authors together, and you have WE COME APART.

WE COME APART is a story told in poems about a boy and girl. Look beyond that, however, and it gets far more complicated. Jess is what most call a “troubled teen.” She lives with her mom and her stepdad Terry --- aka Terry the Terrible. Terry might seem like one of the most horrible people on earth, and he is. When Jess gets caught shoplifting, she is forced to enroll in a community service type of program.

Nicu, on the other hand, is an immigrant from Romania. His family is trying to get back to Romania but they need money, so they move to London. When Nicu gets in trouble with the law, he is sent to the community service program, which is --- SURPRISE! --- the same one that Jess is attending.

When Nicu sees Jess, he is struck with the love bug immediately. To Nicu, Jess is the most beautiful girl in the world. She can do no wrong. When Jess sees Nicu, however, she does not share the love. In fact, she does not even initially share the like. However, after a chance meeting, Jess still comes to think that Nicu is still a weirdo, but a nice weirdo. Eventually, Jess starts to share the love but will all of the prejudice against Romanians and the terror that is Terry prevent the couple from their happily-ever-after?

Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan make an amazing team with their book, WE COME APART. Because what’s better than an amazing book written by an award-winning author? An amazing book written by TWO award-winning authors! WE COME APART is an incredible book, and can really be applied to every city’s prejudiced opinions about immigrants and refugees --- not just London’s. The poetry is simple, but nicely written and the story is poignant, touching and sweet enough to cause a cavity.  I loved it!

WE COME APART is a book of romance and poetry, but it also holds important about immigration and prejudice. The book can help show readers the problem with holding misguided views about immigrants while also telling an incredible love story. WE COME APART by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan is must-read for readers everywhere!

Reviewed by Rebecca D., Teen Board Member on June 16, 2017

We Come Apart
Written by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan.