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We Are Still Tornadoes


We Are Still Tornadoes

WE ARE STILL TORNADOES  by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen, is a heartfelt, humorous young adult novel about long-lasting friendships and the unforgettable journey into adulthood. Best friends Scott and Cath go their different ways after graduating from high school --- Scott pursues his musical dreams, while Cath enrolls at Wake Forest University. During the months sat apart, Scott and Cath send letters about their breakups, music, family drama and the constant pressure to figure out their futures. Set in the 1980’s, the two best friends turn to each other with each hardship and adventure. 
I really enjoyed this book and its creativity. Each letter is as engaging and compelling as the last. The story of their lives back in the 80’s definitely captivated me --- It showcases the lifestyle of a time before smart phones, text messages, and advanced technology, a major aspect throughout the book. The book did a fantastic job of placing the reader in both the unique perspectives of Scott and Cath with the back and forth letters. 
"The book did a fantastic job of placing the reader in both the unique perspectives of Scott and Cath with the back and forth letters." 
There is a lifelike quality of friendship between the two, and readers can definitely relate to the ups and downs of their lives. The mostly light-hearted, humorous, and realistic novel paints genuine pictures of each character. The two authors adeptly capture the little nuances in their relationship with simple letters that show their strong bond. It was very well written, in a casual yet intriguing style. 
WE ARE STILL TORNADOES  was a quick read, for I could not put it down once I began. Over the span of one year, Scott and Cath grow and mature with each letter sent and each bump in the road. The authors shape this journey into one of steadfast loyalty, friendship and always having someone to lean on. Along with science fiction and fantasy, I am also a huge fan of books portraying special relationships, so this novel drew me in with its likeable characters and their different lives. The letter format was very interesting to read as well. 
The only thing I disliked was that the ending of the novel was cut off a bit short. I would have liked to see their relationship develop a little bit further and have it extended to come to a more satisfying finish. However, don’t let this discourage you from reading the book. WE ARE STILL TORNADOES was an amazing book and I recommend it for anybody looking for a quick yet entertaining read.

Reviewed by Jeremy H., Teen Board Member on November 15, 2016

We Are Still Tornadoes
by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen