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Last time we saw Etta and Nicholas, they had been separated with Etta orphaned in another time that could be centuries away or across the world. Even worse, the astrolabe, an object full of immense power, was stolen from them and placed in unknown hands. From Alexandra Bracken, the author of the Darkest Minds trilogy, WAYFARER picks up almost exactly where PASSENGER had previously left off, continuing the final chapter in a whirlwind time travel duology. Both in separate times and places, Etta and Nicholas struggle to find each other again, along with the astrolabe, all while Cyrus Ironwood is hunting for the same thing and an unknown danger to all of the travelers is lurking in the shadows. 

Everyone who has been reading long enough understands the struggle of series. The first few books are good, but then sometimes it just falls flat once you get to the end. This is especially known with trilogies, but I’d argue that it is even harder to end a duology. Yet Alexandra Bracken manages to create a perfect ending, which I was worried wouldn't occur when I first started reading. The main feeling I took away at the end of WAYFARER was pure satisfaction. After all of the events of the plot, it seemed impossible to tie off, but Bracken managed to do it beautifully.

“As always, Bracken’s writing is absolutely beautiful….With all of the locations her characters time traveled to in this book, her descriptive style fit perfectly.”

As always, Bracken’s writing is absolutely beautiful. I’ve always loved reading her books for the prose. Time and time again, she includes lots of detail, making sure the reader gets firmly acquainted with the characters and the settings. With all of the locations her characters time traveled to in this book, her descriptive style fit perfectly. That being said, like PASSENGER, WAYFARER had a slow start. For me, it was more of a slow start than the first book, but even with the slow beginning, the book was worth the read, especially due to the characters.

The characters are my favorite aspect of this read. Though I thought that Etta and Nicholas were separated for a little too long (it was killing my shipper heart), it was nice getting to know the characters more without each other. From the start, I loved Etta and Nicholas, both of their characters being strong willed and immediately lovable. Characters from the first book like Sophia became more important, making me fall in love with her even more. Meanwhile, new characters were introduced that stole my heart right away, and without saying any spoilers, there was a new ship that’s one of my favorite pairings I’ve read about in a while.

Another important thing about WAYFARER is that it dealt with oppression beautifully. Bracken shows how someone’s race, gender or sexuality can affect them, and how people have been oppressed by those aspects of themselves throughout history. WAYFARER is perfect for anyone looking for a heart racing journey across centuries and continents, full of characters that anyone would love.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on January 20, 2017

(Passenger #2)
by Alexandra Bracken