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Watch for Me by Moonlight: A Midnight Twins Novel


Watch for Me by Moonlight: A Midnight Twins Novel

Meredith and Mallory Brynn are identical twins, exact mirror images of each other. Friends and family can tell them apart by their personalities: Meredith is outgoing, bubbly, and a cheerleader, while Mallory is more of a loner, serious, and a soccer player. Being twins is something unique in itself, but a few added phenomena even set the Brynn girls apart from other twins. For one, they don’t even share the same birth year. That’s because one was born just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and the other arrived just after midnight on New Year’s Day. The other unique characteristic they share is their psychic abilities. Mally sees visions of the future, while Merry sees visions of the past.

Merry and Mally are now 15, and though they are getting accustomed to slipping off into their psychic visions, the things they see usually don’t make life any easier. And life is defiantly challenging, more so now than ever before. Their mom, who works as a nurse, decided to go back to school and become a doctor --- which means lots of babysitters coming in and out of the house to care for Merry and Mally’s one-year-old baby brother, Owen. The twins help out when they can, but they also have schoolwork and team practices, plus the school formal dance is quickly approaching. So the family has a bunch of sitters to fill in the spaces when loved ones can’t care for the little guy. And even though life is hectic, and awkward with strangers coming and going, everyone loves Owen and wouldn’t give him up for anything. Unfortunately, someone or something is trying hard to take him away.

Owen is getting violently sick, and multiple visits to the emergency room have put the family in the grips of worry. Even specialists haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with him. Mally and Merry can pick out bits and pieces from their visions, but they are painfully vague and not giving away any easy answers. The family helplessly stands by as Owen grows weaker.

At least Mally has a bright spot in the horrors. She and her boyfriend Drew are closer than ever, and she even goes to the mall to buy a formal dress for the school dance. But she can’t help dread the future just a bit, and not because of something she saw in a vision. Drew is graduating this year, and then he’ll be off to college.

Merry finds an unexpected bright spot as well, as she, too, falls in love. The mysterious fellow appears to be a stranger in town, as no one seems to know anything about Ben. But Meredith feels connected to him right away and falls for him hard. Unfortunately, Ben isn’t your average guy next door. In fact, he is a ghost who is having trouble crossing over, confused about what he’s supposed to do. But Merry can’t stand the thought of losing him, and she begins to consider the possibility of crossing over with him.

The final installment of the Midnight Twins trilogy is just as outstanding as the first two, filled with mystery, suspense, fantasy, paranormal thrills, and romance. Jacquelyn Mitchard obviously loves her gifted twin characters and has given them a lot of heart, personality, and charm. She has them confront some serious situations, including murder, mental illness, and the afterlife, pulling readers along for the ride and giving them issues to think about long after the book is finished. She also has a talent for filling the pages with lots of energy, and keeping the story flowing in new and unexpected directions.

Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman on April 1, 2010

Watch for Me by Moonlight: A Midnight Twins Novel
by Jacquelyn Mitchard

  • Publication Date: April 1, 2010
  • Hardcover: 283 pages
  • Publisher: Razorbill
  • ISBN-10: 1595142770
  • ISBN-13: 9781595142771