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Villain (Gone #8)


Villain (Gone #8)

VILLAIN, a Gone novel by Michael Grant, tells the story of the world four years after the events of GONE. The Perdido Beach dome is down, but the horrors inside it have spread. An alien virus-infested rock that created FAYZ has started an apocalypse, creating mutants and uncontrollable creatures, terrorizing the world. In this new post-apocalyptic series, you have your monsters, your villains and your heroes. There are some that believe the humans must be fought, that the mutants are the ones that deserve to reign. Others wish to restore peace and act as a hero to the normal citizens of the world. Old foes return and new ones arise. No longer is the battlefield only limited the Perdido Beach dome. Now, it has spread to the world. 

Michael Grant has managed to bring in a new element in every single one of his novels. From new heroes to new villains to entirely new concepts, VILLAIN raises the stakes in the Gone universe. What I primarily enjoyed was getting a major outlook into Dillon’s life. Dillon Poe, a bullied teenager who once wanted to be a comedian, gained the power to control anyone with just the sound of his voice. In the novel, he’s a villain, hell-bent on sending thousands to their death. It was interesting to see his side of the story in such a doomed world.

"VILLAIN is a gripping, terrifying science-fiction thriller that makes the Battle of Las Vegas one of the most horrifying events in all the Gone books. "

The converging storylines flow smoothly together and create a well-welded plot. The separate stories ultimately combine, leading to Dillon wreaking havoc, and the superheroes Shade, Cruz, Malik, Dekka, Armo and one other new mutant attempting to stop the supervillain. They also bring back GONE favorites Sam Temple and Astrid Ellison. It’s been a while since the previous novel, MONSTER, was released, but Grant does an excellent job with tying in exposition to re-introduce us to his characters and set-up for the plot. The book also goes into more detail with the newer concept of the Dark Watchers, the name of the aliens that sent the virus-infested rock down to Earth. Each person’s power is unique and unexpected. Some wouldn’t exactly be called “superpowers” in a 21st century comic book, but Grant manages to craft characters with interesting traits and backgrounds that draw the reader in. 

The action scenes are nonstop. Grant intensely illustrates the battles of superpowers against superpowers through his writing. Opening with Dillon’s ruthlessness with civilians really sets the tone for the rest of the novel. The book showcases gory scenes that take the reader’s breath away. However, each quick and sudden death and the almost careless tone for each innocent demise doesn’t allow the reader to connect with what should be a great fear in the world. 

People compare the Gone universe with Marvel or DC comics and films, but the world that Grant has created is much more than that. The severity, the gore, the action and the reality of the Perdido Beach dome are engraved in every chapter. It is as if Deadpool meets Batman, where comedy meets absolute carnage meets darkness. 

There are crazy monsters, cyborgs and aliens all throughout the novel in this electrifying sequel. VILLAIN is a gripping, terrifying science-fiction thriller that makes the Battle of Las Vegas one of the most horrifying events in all the Gone books.

Reviewed by Jeremy H., Teen Board Member on October 30, 2018

Villain (Gone #8)
by Michael Grant