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In the third book by Lisa Maxwell, UNHOOKED, Gwendolyn Allister’s mother is afraid of being hunted by monsters, so she always forces them to move around. This time they’re off to London, but soon everything falls apart --- they're both kidnapped by shadowy figures and taken to a horrifying world called Neverland. In this land, Gwen and her best friend, Olivia, discover good, evil, love and themselves.

I was filled with joy when I discovered that UNHOOKED was a Peter Pan retelling, since there have been handfuls of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White retellings! Maxwell couldn’t have done a better job.

One of the things that I particularly enjoyed about UNHOOKED was the world-building. Maxwell does such a nice job with her descriptions; you can picture every single detail in high definition. The detailing of Neverland sent chills down my spine. Not only was the setting descriptive, but it was so different from the typical Neverland. Usually when you hear Neverland, you think of the pretty Disney version, a place of solace with beautiful mermaids and fairies. But in Maxwell's version, this idea completely vanishes; there are "flesh-eating sea hags" and "dangerous Fey." Nothing is as it seems in this novel and that's what keeps you so involved.

Maxwell does such a nice job with her descriptions; you can picture every single detail in high definition.

There are so many twists and turns in UNHOOKED that it's almost overwhelming, but in the best way possible. Throughout the story, you're not really sure who to trust. At times, you might question Peter Pan and be totally on Rowan's (Captain Hook’s) side. Sometimes, it's the other way around. It's those kinds of little indecisions that really make you enjoy the characters. While reading, I felt myself enjoying Captain Hook's character far more than I would care to admit.

The only true problem I experienced when reading UNHOOKED was the ending. Everything felt pretty rushed and I felt that even a few extra sentences would have done wonders for the book. Not only that, but I felt that it was a pretty open ending. With a novel that, for now, is only a standalone, I felt that it could have been wrapped up better to give the reader a better sense of completion. 

To sum it up, I would recommend UNHOOKED to any fans of theSplintered trilogy by A.G. Howard or anyone who enjoys a nice, dark fairy tale. 

Reviewed by Linnea P., Teen Board member on February 5, 2016

by Lisa Maxwell