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Under the Lights


Under the Lights

After her mom kicks her out of the house, Willa is forced to move back to Lawton, Alabama, to live with her nana. She is determined to gain redemption by focusing on school and helping her nana, but when everyone in town is only fixated on why she has come back it becomes difficult. Especially when her childhood best friends, Brady and Gunner, are guarding her at every turn. With each passing step it seems as if Willa won't be able to abide by her nana's wishes because she might just succumb to her heart.

"Abbi Glines...really knows how to create characters who you can really connect with; their pains and joys are always tangible, and I really felt that in this book."

UNDER THE LIGHTS is the second book in Abbi Glines' The Field Party series, and a vast improvement from the first book. I have really enjoyed some of Glines' previous series, but when I read the first book in this series, UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT, I was very disappointed because I felt very disconnected from all of the characters. One reason I have liked Abbi Glines in the past is because she really knows how to create characters who you can really connect with; their pains and joys are always tangible, and I really felt that in this book. Willa is a very strong female character and even though she has been through a lot of pain, she sticks up for herself and her family without putting herself in the limelight. Also, it was nice to see how the characters were helping each other with their pain even though they were so secretive and different.

My biggest complaint about the book would be the minor female characters. In both books in this series, the other girls in the high school --- excluding the main female protagonist --- are made out to solely be interested in hooking up with the football team. They all are made to seem really trashy and clingy which is very unrealistic. They all get a very bad reputation while the main protagonist is the saint and the football players are almost the victims. So, while there was an improvement in the characters, I think Glines could try to make the females in the book more realistic and not as vicious.

There was a lot of suspense in this book that really helped the plot move along, and I think that that was the biggest strength in the plot line. My main motivation to read was to find out why Willa was kicked out of the house and why she was hurting so bad. The romance side of the novel was not as important to me, but it was the main focal point of the book. The love triangle between Brady, Gunner and Willa is very evident through changing perspectives, and I really didn't mind either at all. Many people get annoyed with love triangles, and I too am not a huge fan of them, but this book did it in a way that was not overdramatic and completely realistic.

Overall, I thought UNDER THE LIGHTS was a great improvement from the first book, and I would definitely recommend it. If you enjoy a good YA romance, or have enjoyed Abbi Glines' previous series, this would be a good series for you to pick up.

Reviewed by Harleen K., Teen Board Member on July 27, 2017

Under the Lights
(Field Party #2)
by Abbi Glines