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Double the Fun or Double the Trouble?: Twins Bookshelf

Uh-oh: double trouble! We seem to love stories about twins. Maybe it's because we get a kick out of reading about two people who switch places without anyone noticing. Or because the sibling bond we enjoy seeing in books is that much stronger if the two were born at the same time and grew up together. Whatever the reason, YA and Children's lit is chock-full of books featuring twins, or one in a set of twins, as the protagonist. 

May 2016

In paperback titles this month we have A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah J. Maas in which a teen huntress finds herself in the midst of murder, captivity and revenge in a treacherous, magical land; WE ARE ALL MADE OF MOLECULES by Susin Nielsen where two opposing teens are forced to risk their social statuses when they are told they must live under the same roof; and SURVIVE THE NIGHT by Danielle Vega in which an underground New York City rave goes terribly wrong and three young girls discover the mutilated body of their best friend.