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Traitor Born


Traitor Born

Amy A. Bartol’s second installment of the Secondborn series is sure to meet the expectations of readers. Bartol is known for her Premonition series and Kricket series. TRAITORBORN keeps in touch with the foundation that Amy Bartol set in SECONDBORN.

Roselle St. Sismode didn’t intend for any of this to happen. She was supposed to fulfill her mandatory servitude to the government and die like the rest of the secondborns. But life never goes as planned when powerful people want you to be the puppet that rules the Fates Republic. In the thrilling sequel to SECONBORN, Roselle finds herself once again wishing that she wasn’t a St. Sismode. She thought she could handle being the primary target in a murder plot, losing the person that she thought loved her and entertaining the snobs that paraded her around, but she was wrong. After becoming the hidden yet prominent symbol of more than one rebellion, Roselle is forced to choose between loyalty, love and her beliefs. Unfortunately, her trusty, goddess-of-war-like skills won’t get her out of this battle.

"If you liked Roselle’s capriciousness and intelligence in the first book, get ready for an emphasis on all of these characteristics....Bartol perfectly carved another block leading to the grand finale..."

Roselle remains true to her fierce character in the first book. Unlike other heroines who give up their strength because they found a boyfriend, Roselle values her independence above all else. She doesn’t take no for an answer unless it coincides with her plans. If you liked Roselle’s capriciousness and intelligence in the first book, get ready for an emphasis on all of these characteristics. Readers are introduced to new characters who I can very much say will have our hearts twisting. I had a serious case of second lead syndrome because of the plotline.

We also get to delve into the world of characters that were mentioned and skimmed through in the first book. Many personalities that previously held little to no significance resurfaced and were shoved in the spotlight. This was extremely satisfying since most authors prefer to keep secondary characters in the background. As far as character development goes, Bartol does not disappoint. I can already guess that many readers will be disappointed by some characters’ actions but this just makes the story better! Bartol perfectly carved another block leading to the grand finale which will hopefully be published soon.

One complaint I have is about the inconsistency of the character’s personalities. However, this is minor since it seems intentional. In addition, I wish the book had been longer, as sequels usually are. The length is also a minor issue because Bartol’s writing was enough to get the job done. She twisted my heart around, led the characters astray a couple of times and ultimately finished the book satisfyingly.

I would not recommend this series for children younger than the recommended age unless they are mature enough to handle a few “scandalous” scenes. Bartol, thankfully, did not write the scenes in depth or with the use of graphic details. I am a person who becomes uncomfortable when I begin to read a page detailing more than a first base relationship but the story was too good to pass up. I don't think that Bartol went overboard at all since the scenes were mostly skimmed over. In fact, many readers would agree that this added to the depth of some characters’ relationships, giving us more insight into their true feelings. So, if you are a person who can dismiss a dash of steamy moments between the characters or who doesn't mind them at all then I'd suggest you go for it!

TRAITORBORN is perfect for fans of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series, Mary Lu’s Legend series, and similar dystopian fantasy novels. Even though this subgenre in YA has become repetitive and slightly overused lately, TRAITORBORN brings new characteristics to the mix. If the book became a movie, I would definitely buy a ticket and invite my friends as well.

Reviewed by Flor H., Teen Board Member on July 10, 2018

Traitor Born
by Amy A. Bartol