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To Pieces


To Pieces

Jane has never considered herself an “A” person. She was never the girl with perfect grades or the very popular student body president. She and her classmates would say that she was average, normal, a “B” person; not exactly a star in the social hierarchy that is high school. Jane has always considered herself “different” on the inside, but in a strange way. She always tries to just go with the flow and fit in with her friends and school. When this feeling grows stronger and stronger, Jane begins to realize she is facing something a little bigger than some stress about a Spanish test. Soon, her friends and family begin to notice, and Jane is taken to a local psychiatrist. She is now facing diagnoses like “Clinical Depression,” “Bipolar Disorder,” “Hypergraphia,” and more.

"My experience of reading TO PIECES was very insightful and unique. Jane’s special story was much different than any other story I have read about teens with psychological disorders."

After a doctor visits and prescribes her some medication, Jane has a joyful experience with her class that lifts her mood. Soon after this experience, Jane feels like she is returning to her old, happy self as each day goes by. She has sudden rushes of energy and begins to feel full of exuberance and insight for herself. This makes Jane feel more confident and active in class, and with her peers. Jane’s behavior is showing again to her best friends, Nell and Tiffany. To her long-time crush, Ben, their interactions become filled with laughter and fun. This is making Jane happier and happier with herself. She now has ideas and visions. Before she knows it, Jane is on a new high, the best part of her own rollercoaster. But it isn’t long until it becomes too much.

Jane’s experiences quickly become wildly out of hand and suddenly dangerous. After some wild events she causes at school and home, Jane becomes too dangerous and is placed into a care center for her and other teens with psychological disorders. Jane starts feeling trapped and misunderstood as she begins to be cared for. Slowly, however, she begins to realize how she was acting out of hand and begins to understand her Bipolar Disorder.

With the advice of some new friends and accepting the love her family gives her, Jane is helped. It has been a long journey for her, but Jane is not finished yet. It is up to her to decide how she decides to “face the Beast” and discover what it really means to be confident in your individuality.

My experience of reading TO PIECES was very insightful and unique. Jane’s special story was much different than any other story I have read about teens with psychological disorders. Jane was real to me, and even though I didn’t have her experience, I could relate to her and I felt like I knew her personally. This connection is something I find very important and it became my favorite part of the book. These characterization elements combined with the twists and turns of reading TO PIECES made for a really touching book. I knew that reading it would make every chapter different, and it was. Kati Rocky, the author, definitely captured my interest and kept it going all the way until the last page. I was left sad to see that familiar “Acknowledgements” page. I can promise that if this story was to continue, I would be there to read it.

Kati Rocky knew what she had when writing this book; she had characters, plot and interesting story elements that kept the reader motivated. Any young adult would enjoy this book if looking for something that could captivate and inspire at the same time.

Reviewed by Lillian B., Teen Board Member on September 4, 2018

To Pieces
by Kati Rocky