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Time and Time Again


Time and Time Again

TIME AND TIME AGAIN is the collection of TIME BETWEEN US and TIME AFTER TIME, a duology by Tamara Ireland Stone. Stone is also the author of EVERY LAST WORD and the upcoming novel, CLICK’D. TIME AND TIME AGAIN follows the unlikely love story of Anna Greene and Bennett Cooper. Anna is 16- years-old in 1995. Bennett is only one month old in 1995. But he’s also a 17-year-old in 2012 who’s figuring out how to use his ability to time travel for good. In a strange twist of fate, Bennett’s ability brings him to the past and into Anna’s life. Their relationship deepens and with it comes a whole new world of adventure and possibilities. But their relationship expands the concept of long distance from miles to decades, proving to have its own variety of challenges. Anna and Bennett are forced to ask themselves if their love is powerful enough to withstand the restraints of time and if they’re ready to handle the consequences that come with that.

"A beautiful journey between time and space bound together by a little romance. I’m so glad I got to take that journey with Anna and Bennett and definitely recommend that other young adult readers do, too. "

TIME BETWEEN US is the first installment in the duology and does a great job of setting the scene for the series and introducing the characters. The plot was fast-paced for the most part and the element of time travel made an average high school setting ten times more exciting. However, I felt that TIME AFTER TIME was the stronger half of the duology. While this plot is somewhat less flashy, the reader gets to know the characters on a deeper level. Relationships are strained, bringing out new sides of characters to the reader. I loved connecting with the characters in this sense and also seeing how they connected with each other through harder times in their lives.

Speaking of characters, I found that the entire cast of characters was well-rounded and interesting. Anna was a strong lead who clearly cared about her family and friends, wanting to do what was best for them in any way she could. Bennett is also a very interesting and well developed character. His talent alone is interesting and an obvious foundation of the plot. But his actual personality stands out from his ability. He is a really fun character to read about, and one of my favorite things about TIME AFTER TIME was that it was narrated from his point of view. Emma and Justin were also two characters who I found super interesting. They were both somewhat minor characters but played huge roles in the lives of the main characters, particularly Anna. There was also a character named Danielle and although she had no major part in the plot, I loved her for obviously selfish reasons.

TIME AFTER TIME also turned out to be my favorite of the two because of the shift in the plot. This book followed deeper plot points and showed new levels of the characters. I loved watching the characters grow and change. I also loved seeing the way Anna and Bennett’s relationship was affected by both differences in time and space. While TIME BETWEEN US was a great book and a ton of fun, TIME AFTER TIME blew me away.

The conclusions of books always stand out to me, and both of these were no exception. I thought both books had really effective endings. I loved the ending of TIME AFTER TIME and see that as another reason why it was my favorite of the two. It summed up the duology beautifully and leaves the reader with enough room to imagine what happens next in the lives of these characters.

As a huge fan of EVERY LAST WORD and Tamara Ireland Stone’s writing, TIME AND TIME AGAIN definitely did not disappoint. It was a beautiful journey between time and space bound together by a little romance. I’m so glad I got to take that journey with Anna and Bennett and definitely recommend that other young adult readers do too. These books are great for a wide variety of audiences because they have romantic and contemporary elements as well as science fiction and time travel portions. TIME AND TIME AGAIN is also a great summer read. You get two books in one and an amazing story to occupy some free time. If you have the time (pun intended), definitely pick up this one (or two? I guess) this summer!

Reviewed by Danielle F., Teen Board Member on June 28, 2017

Time and Time Again
by Tamara Ireland Stone