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Three Truths and a Lie


Three Truths and a Lie

Three Truths and a Lie is a game many of us have probably played at one point or another at parties or at school on the first day of class as an ice breaker --- it's amusing, intriguing and sometimes scandalous depending on how good of a liar you are and how intense you play the game. Brent Hartinger brings this game to life and takes it to the extreme in his latest novel, which is appropriately named THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE.

Admittedly, I didn't actually know that Hartinger was the author of this amazing novel until the moment I first laid eyes on the cover in front of me. So when I did find out, I completely lost it, because Hartinger is also the author of the the Russel Middlebrook Series (among a long list of other novels). The Russel Middlebrook Series is one of the greatest young adult fiction series I have read to date; I also happened to love the film GEOGRAPHY CLUB based on the first novel in the series. So, naturally, I had very high expectations going into this novel. These expectations were completely surpassed; in fact, they were more than obliterated.

"THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE was so amazing in that every chapter, every plot point and especially the ending were completely unpredictable."

THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE is the story of four friends: Rob, his boyfriend Liam, Liam's best friend Mia and Mia's boyfriend, Galen. Liam and Rob are perfectly in sync; Mia and Galen seem like the average, perfect couple. After an unsettling run-in at a tattoo parlor, the group decides to spend a weekend at Mia's family's lake house on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. But as soon as they arrive in town, they become plagued by a string of strange occurrences that border on the frightening and unexplainable. Quickly, they realize they are in grave danger; but from what, they have no clue.

THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE was so amazing in that every chapter, every plot point and especially the ending were completely unpredictable. The story of Rob is skillfully written, as is the flow of the narration and storyline. If there is one thing you should know when diving into this novel, it's to expect the unexpected. Once I finished the novel, I was left in a daze from how perfectly complex and unpredictable the story truly was. You literally won't see any of it coming. And, even better, there are no loose ends or plot holes; everything made sense in the end!

Easily, this was a 5/5, which is actually a lowball rating if I'm being honest (a 6/5 might sound too...mathematically impossible in this rating system). I read the entire novel in one sitting, which should show how great a read THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE really was.

Reviewed by Chris C., Teen Board Member on August 15, 2016

Three Truths and a Lie
by Brent Hartinger