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These Rebel Waves


These Rebel Waves

THESE REBEL WAVES is the first book in a new series by bestselling author Sara Raasch. Raasch previously wrote the fantasy series, Snow Like Ashes. I enjoyed her first series, so I had a feeling I’d enjoy THESE REBEL WAVES, but it thoroughly surpassed my expectations!

The world of THESE REBEL WAVES is incredibly fascinating. It takes place mostly in the island country of Grace Loray. The country has recently overthrown the oppressive country Agrid, which had taken control centuries before. The parts of the book that don’t take place in Grace Loray take place in Agrid. There are also four other countries, and we meet characters from them, but don’t venture there. Grace Loray is special from the other countries as it is the only one that has magic --- forbidden magic, that is. Magical plants grow there, which Agrid abhors. Agrid is ruled by a powerful king and domineering church, determined to make everyone revere their “Pious God.” Needless to say, I don’t like them very much.

"THESE REBEL WAVES hit it out of the park. If you’ve been...waiting for the right [fantasy], I highly recommend putting THESE REBEL WAVES at the top of your list."

There are three main characters in THESE REBEL WAVES. First is my favorite, Adeluna, AKA Lu. She was a child during the war, and served as a spy for her parents, who were revolutionaries for Grace Loray. Now she longs to be a politician like her mother, but can’t seem to leave her past behind. I loved how confident Lu was in her abilities. She trusted her instincts but wasn’t afraid to admit when she’s wrong. Lu has to come to terms with a lot of things she didn’t know about in this book, but she shows amazing resilience.

Next there’s Devereaux “Vex” Bell. Vex is a pirate. With the combination of his eye patch, suave confidence and good looks, he is incredibly swoon-worthy. And let me tell you, I ship him and Lu SO HARD! They are obviously perfect for each other, they just don’t see it yet. Luckily he and Lu spend a lot of time together in THESE REBEL WAVES, so they have plenty of time to fall in love.

The final main character is Benat, the crown prince of Agrid. He has a constant struggle within himself between loyalty to his father and his country and the draw to the magic which fascinates him. Ben’s point of view was probably my least favorite of the three. He was interesting like the others, but I felt that he didn’t quite connect to the story as much as the others. That said, I don’t think that will be a problem for book two. Ben has love troubles, as his boyfriend is much more loyal to the church than he is. I’m curious how that aspect of the story will play out in the next book.

This year has been the year of high fantasy. Some are great, some are mediocre and some hit it out of the park. THESE REBEL WAVES hit it out of the park. If you’ve been enjoying the fantasies coming out, or waiting for the right one, I highly recommend putting THESE REBEL WAVES at the top of your list. I would have read the entire book in an afternoon if I hadn’t been avoiding having it end. The book was simply fantastic, and I will be reading book two, THESE DIVIDED SHORES, as soon as it comes out next August!

Reviewed by Isabel C., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2018

These Rebel Waves
by Sara Raasch