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The Witch's Tower (Twisted Ever After)


The Witch's Tower (Twisted Ever After)

A new “once upon a time” greets audiences in THE WITCH’S TOWER, but will there be a happily ever after? Tamara Grantham, the author of THE WITCH’S TOWER, weaves the loose ends about the well-known character Rapunzel and brings forth a masterpiece. In fact, she rewrites this classic entirely. This is a tale from a different perspective: Gothel’s. She is barely recognizable with new and complex characteristics embedded into her character. The plot offers so much more than the original version of this tale.

"Tamara Grantham, the author of THE WITCH’S TOWER, weaves the loose ends about the well-known character Rapunzel and brings forth a masterpiece."

One of royal blood will free the princess and kill the witch --- or so the soothsayers tell. The princess, Rapunzel, is mad from being bedridden with hair so long and heavy. The witch, Gothel, is bound to the tower, tasked with guarding Rapunzel, with a consequence of death if she does not comply, on account of her mother Aethel’s past misdeeds. Her mother’s actions of casting a petty curse on another’s daughter has brought punishment to Gothel’s life. The High Sorcerer is responsible for all these misdoings. As for the foretelling, a prince who has found and entered the enchanted tower has not stepped from its walls and his faithful squire looks to free him. The squire’s name is Raj, and he needs to cut Rapunzel’s hair to rid the kingdom of the High Sorcerer and save the prince from the enchantment he suffers from. He cannot do this without Gothel. Gothel understands the dangers of embarking on this journey with an unlikely partner to retrieve the golden shears to do this. She is as desperate to end the High Sorcerer’s reign as Raj is.

As they venture, encounters are sure to occur, yet the duo that began the expedition together remain close. Gothel cannot recognize what her feelings for Raj mean. Does she…should she love him? As she fumbles with her emotions, the High Sorcerer dispatches those loyal to him to locate Gothel. Monsters and much more lie just yonder…

The setting of THE WITCH’S TOWER is certainly of a new take. Those eager to traverse through a land other than their own should see this realm fit to their expectations. This publication should have an appeal to fantasy enthusiasts as well as adventure lovers. Though some scenes were a tad too gory for my taste, most people would beg to differ.

Although I am not one who typically enjoys novels with love interests, I enjoyed this book immensely. Romance danced through the pages as a young woman steps through it unsurely. She had been locked away, nearly isolated for five years after all, so the emotions are unfamiliar. The squire, Raj, was interesting as I explored his patterned dialogue. He is honorable and comforting, but is he accepting of Gothel’s traits? Each character is from a completely different background, giving readers as much suspicion of them as Gothel has. I find this to be an intriguing technique because the audience will interact with details in order to form an opinion on a character’s trustworthiness.

Additionally, female empowerment is a defining trait of THE WITCH’S TOWER as battle calls. With wits, strength and bravery, every word of Grantham’s is carefully chosen, yet set in a pleasurable order for readers who love beautiful turns of phrase. Given the cards she is dealt, Gothel fights with internal and external conflicts to bring a better future for everyone whose lives have been touched by the dark magic. 

Reviewed by Lucia W., Teen Board Member on March 20, 2019

The Witch's Tower (Twisted Ever After)
by Tamara Grantham