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The Truth About Happily Ever After


The Truth About Happily Ever After

If you were like me as a little girl, then you lived and breathed princesses. Watching the movies, singing the songs, hoping that someday your prince would come…and if you were incredibly lucky, you got to live out your fairy tale princess by going to one of the Disney parks to meet the princesses in real life! Karole Cozzo, the author who wrote HOW TO KEEP ROLLING AFTER A FALL and HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU OUT LOUD now brings readers the story of theme park princess Alyssa in her novel THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPILY EVER AFTER, which will make the princess at heart fall in love with a story again.

"The fairytale and romance of this book make it a perfect and easy summer read....anyone looking for a swoony read will love THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPILY EVER AFTER."

Alyssa has lived a fairy tale life for a while. She grew up wealthy, studies fashion and is a sorority girl at college. Not to mention that she is an actual princess…well a theme park princess. In her spare time, Alyssa works in an Enchanted Enterprises theme park being paid to dress up as Cinderella and make little girls’ dreams come true. To make her fairytale life even more perfect, Alyssa has a great group of Princess friends and a princely boyfriend who she met in the most romantic way. But Alyssa’s perfect fairytale summer spent being a princess with her friends and boyfriend takes a turn toward villainy as her prince becomes distant, her family loses their money and her perfect plans are dismantled.

As Alyssa works to put the pieces of her life back together after discovering that her “happily ever after” might not turn out as expected, she finds unforeseen solace in her friend Miller. Miller teaches Princess Alyssa that real life doesn’t have to be all sparkles and fairytale, and that maybe she can find true love in unexpected places.

THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPILY EVER AFTER is the perfect book for the teen who is a princess at heart. For those who grew up watching and reading about fairytale romances, this book reveals the, well, truth about those happily ever afters. The plot of this book is simple yet intriguing as Alyssa’s life as a theme park princess gives a little behind the scenes look at enchanted theme parks. I loved the honesty in Alyssa’s profession. She wants to be a theme park princess to inspire little girls, make their dreams come true, and be a part of the magic that can change lives.

What really made this book special was the supporting characters. At times, I found Alyssa’s character to be self-indulgent and shallow, living up to her sorority girl and princess stereotype, but the side characters of the story added elements of realism and humor that made the book worth reading and helped Alyssa redeem herself. Miller, the too often friend-zoned, practical and utterly chivalrous friend of Alyssa, played a critical role in keeping Alyssa’s diva in check and shaping her into a stronger character. While not the typical prince or hero of a contemporary novel, Miller is the essence of a Prince Charming. Girls should set standards for boyfriends to Miller level, and guys should strive to be as charming as he is. Other characters like Yael, the closest thing this novel has to a villain, and Alyssa’s friends added levels of practicality and diversity to the book that would otherwise be missing.

The fairytale and romance of this book make it a perfect and easy summer read. Any girl who dreamed of princesses as a child, anyone who loves theme parks, anyone looking for a swoony read will love THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Reviewed by Ellie T., Teen Board Member on May 29, 2018

The Truth About Happily Ever After
by Karole Cozzo