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The Traitor's Ruin (Traitor's Trilogy)


The Traitor's Ruin (Traitor's Trilogy)

After the events of THE TRAITOR’S KISS, the first installment of Erin Beaty’s three-part series, Sage Fowler has proven herself a worthy spy and matchmaker in the kingdom of Demora. She has now been given the honorable position as the royal tutor for the young princesses and prince of Tegann. Although it is a dream to be working for the palace, something is missing. There is only one person who could make her new life complete: her fiancé, Captain Alex Quinn. He has been off with the military in Tasmet these past few months dealing with the aftermath of the rebellion. Sage is counting down the days until she can see her love again. The day they get married cannot come fast enough! Alex must wait until he is 24 years old, as says the laws of the military.

'I knew that I would enjoy this book after reading THE TRAITOR’S KISS. I was not let down at all, and I could not put THE TRAITOR’S RUIN down while reading it."

Strong threats from the Kimisar and the Casmuni are growing throughout the land, thus causing alarm for the Demorians. Captain Quinn has been selected as the commander of an elite group called the Norsari to deal with that threat looming over the horizon. Of course, Sage wants to be a part of this mission, and Alex isn’t too happy about it. He only wants to protect her, but her strong-willed mind and determination soon convinces him otherwise. Little do they know that together, they could form a stronger alliance that may be what’s best for the future of their kingdom.

I absolutely loved this book! Before I picked it up, I knew that I would enjoy this book after reading THE TRAITOR’S KISS. I was not let down at all, and I could not put THE TRAITOR’S RUIN down while reading it. I know that I am in love with a book when I read it during all of the hours of the day. This book was a fast-paced rollercoaster ride that I enjoyed from cover to cover! I really liked how events were happening back to back, leaving no time for slow or boring parts. It got to the point where I was not able to tear my eyes from the page!

In Beaty’s first installment, THE TRAITOR’S KISS, there were multiple points of view. Each chapter was told from a different character’s perspective, and I thought that it wasn’t necessary. In this book, though, I thought the multiple perspectives fit pretty well. I actually wanted to see the different parts that occurred in this story from different characters perspectives. It completely added something to the book that made it amazing. There isn’t anything I would change about this story!

I recommend this book to anyone who loves young adult fiction and fantasy. I am instantly drawn to any book with a strong female lead, and this book is a great example. No matter what obstacles pushed Sage back during her journey, she always found a way to accomplish it, even when the people closest to her say or do things that may hold her back.

Reviewed by Emily F., Teen Board Member on July 11, 2018

The Traitor's Ruin (Traitor's Trilogy)
by Erin Beaty