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The Traitor's Kiss


The Traitor's Kiss

Sage Fowler is not your typical lady. Her witty tongue and stubborn attitude get her in trouble pretty much all of the time. She has never felt like she belonged, with her father dying when she was younger and hardly even remembering her mother. This has left her with her horrible uncle and unruly aunt and their great house.

Sage wasn’t born from a high-ranking house, but she must act the part. The most important thing for high born ladies to endure is to present themselves to the matchmaker, who will pair them up with a suitable husband. That doesn’t sit well with Sage, so she bombs her interview with the matchmaker, thus deeming her unsuitable for marriage. The matchmaker realizes, however, that her wit and stubbornness can be put to better use. Instead, the matchmaker decides to make her an apprentice as a side job to her teaching.

"Erin Beaty’s writing kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book....The ending left me speechless and longing for more."

One of the jobs Sage is assigned to do is escort the ladies who will be matched to the kingdom, along with the guards assigned to protect them. Little do the ladies know, there are enemy forces brewing around them, leading them into danger. Sage is instructed to go undercover as a high-born lady by the matchmaker to spy on the guards (and to create a profile to be matched), but one guard in particular, Ash, can see right through her.

Sage goes on this journey of finding out who she is and who those she thought were closest to her really are. There are political forces gaining up on them, and there is no time to get distracted by her duties. That gets a little hard when Sage can’t tear herself from Ash, and feels the pressure of the mysterious Captain Quinn.

I really enjoyed this book! I have never read a book like this where there are so many different points of view, and in third person. I usually read a lot of books that are first person points of view and from one perspective only, so this was a nice change. I had really high expectations about this book before picking it up, and it didn’t fail to impress me! I loved getting to know the main characters personally and form a connection with each one of them, which doesn’t happen a lot in other books I have read. Erin Beaty’s writing kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book --- which is when I know it will be a good book. The ending left me speechless and longing for more.

Although I enjoyed hearing from so many characters' perspectives, I did not like how many there were. I still loved hearing from a lot of people’s perspectives, but it got a bit confusing at times. Each chapter told a different character’s perspective, but I was not able to figure out whose it was until a few sentences or paragraphs in.

To me, this book felt like a twist on Mulan. Anyone who loves that timeless tale will 100 percent enjoy this book! I cannot wait to dive into the sequel!

Reviewed by Emily F., Teen Board Member on June 14, 2018

The Traitor's Kiss
(The Traitor's Trilogy #1)
by Erin Beaty