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The Summer I Found You

His hand rests firmly on my lower back, holding us together. There’s a tingle of desperation in his kiss that makes my arms pull on him harder.

“Wow.” I breathe out as his lips leave mine.

“Yeah, wow.” He rests his arm over my shoulder, and I lean into him as we start walking again.

“Thanks for getting out of there.” It feels good to be alone with him.

“It’s hard. Only having one hand. Like I kiss you and I want to hold you and touch you, and I can’t. Like I can only touch you in one place at a time.”

“No.” I shake my head and stop. Aidan stops with me.

His arm slides down and I take his hand.

“I’m in AP Biology. Just by holding hands we’re touching in millions or trillions of tiny little places.” I step closer. Maybe that thought should creep me out, but it doesn’t—not when thinking about Aidan. Though, he might think I’m a total weirdo for bringing this up.

“And how about now?” He steps in until our stomach, chest, and legs all touch.

“Even more places.” But I’m breathless again, and his lips are soft, and then he chuckles.

“You. Kate. Are very distracting.”

And he is too. In such a good way. “You make this easy,” I say as we start to walk again.


“Being with you is easy.” Which is exactly opposite of everything else I’m dealing with.

“Good. I mean, it is for me too, and I have a lot going on right now.”

“You must.” I really want to know more about him. I want to know about the way he grew up and why he joined the military and what he wants to do with his life.

Our eyes catch, and I know he knows I’m asking him without asking.

“Starting college, not having any idea what I want to do. My unit comes home from Afghanistan any day now, and I haven’t checked my email because I don’t want to know when they come home because I’m not sure I want to see them.”

“Why not?”

“Because they get to keep doing it.” His jaw flexes, highlighting everything I find sexy about his face, but it also sends a pang of sadness through me to see the frustration.

“You really wanted to be a soldier.” Everyone I know that signed up did it for the medical (pregnant girlfriend/wife) or for school, or because they had nothing else going for them. But Aidan really wanted it. It’s crushing really. Not only did he lose his arm but also his job.

He nods. Then he tells me about his dad dying so young, and about joining the military not long after his mom got married again. He talks about how crazy her life is with the kids and how lost he sometimes feels.

All of the surface stuff I’ve been feeling for him digs deeper, and this isn’t just flirtation and wanting to touch more of him. This is real.

The Summer I Found You
by by Jolene Perry

  • Genres: Romance
  • paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Albert Whitman Teen
  • ISBN-10: 0807583677
  • ISBN-13: 9780807583678