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The Siren


The Siren

Kierra Cass, author of the popular Selection series, has branched out into the world of fantasy romance with this stand-alone novel, THE SIREN.

I was hooked on this book by the concept alone; if 19-year-old Kahlen works for the Ocean for 100 years as a siren, she will get another chance at the life she has always dreamed of. As a siren, Kahlen has a special connection to the Ocean; they can communicate and the Ocean often can provide solace. Yet little can comfort Kahlen when it comes time for the Ocean to feed. Kahlen and her sisters must sing so that ships crash and become the Ocean’s perfect meal.

Also, anyone who hears a siren’s voice belongs to the Ocean. So when Kahlen catches the eye of Alkini, a boy from a local college, she knows nothing can become of the attraction. With only 20 years left to work for the Ocean, Kahlen finds herself risking it all for him.

THE SIREN has carved a place for itself in young adult literature due to both its concept and execution.

This book spends a lot of its pages exploring different kinds of relationships and the types of love they share. It thoroughly explores the complex relationships between sisters (in the story, all sirens become sisters). It also explores maternal love and conflicted love. Cass also does a great job describing and shaping an adorable romance, although I wish it had been a bit more developed.

THE SIREN also deals with important, thought-provoking issues centered around growing up, including choosing a future career and the emotional complexities that come with leaving a parent to live one’s own life. Many readers are currently or soon will experience these troubles, and older readers will find these aspects nostalgic and inspirational. THE SIREN challenges readers to truly investigate the life they want to lead.

THE SIREN has carved a place for itself in young adult literature due to both its concept and execution. It’s an original blend of mythology and topics perfect for those exiting the coming-of-age genre. It is also an amazing, fantastical tale wrapped up in a single novel. In these ways, THE SIREN is a book that sets itself apart from others in its genre. 

Reviewed by Alyssa Luis on January 29, 2016

The Siren
by Kiera Cass