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The Selection Coloring Book


The Selection Coloring Book

Recently the world has remembered something which I have never forgotten: coloring books are awesome.

"THE SELECTION COLORING BOOK [is] perfect....Kiera Cass has taken her beautiful words and turned them into physical works of art."

If you walk into any bookstore I can almost promise you that you will find a section of “adult coloring books.” While the fad started with nature scenes and mandalas, it soon found its way into the world of literature --- and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Now you can color in pictures of your favorite literary scenes. Recently, after falling in love with the Selection series, I came upon THE SELECTION COLORING BOOK and fell in love again. Obviously the pictures of America (the main character) in her beautiful gowns were lovely, but what really caught my eye were the pages of quotes. Around half of the coloring pages are beautiful outlines of some of the most heartfelt quotes from the series. Those were the pages I liked the most.

It is so easy to see words used negatively. Two minutes on social media throws hundreds and thousands of mean comments and internet trolls at your face. But two minutes in a novel reminds you that language can exist on an entirely different level. Two minutes in a novel reminds you that words can bud and bloom and grow within your heart into something truly beautiful. Keira Cass's coloring book does exactly this, while allowing the reader --- or colorer, as it were --- to express their love of the series using their own imagination.

THE SELECTION COLORING BOOK is a perfect example of this. Kiera Cass has taken her beautiful words and turned them into physical works of art.

If there is anything I have learned from spending the past two days with a pile of colored pencils it is to cherish words.

Happy reading and happy coloring!

Reviewed by Aliza M., Teen Board Member on January 6, 2017

The Selection Coloring Book
by Kiera Cass and Martina Flor