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The Red Scrolls of Magic


The Red Scrolls of Magic

THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC is the first book in The Eldest Curses trilogy by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu. It takes place in the Shadowhunter universe, and features fan favorites Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. This takes place during a gap in The Mortal Instruments between CITY OF GLASS and CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS when Magnus and Alec go on a whirlwind European vacation. And let me tell you, it delivered. I really enjoyed THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC.


Before I go any further, I have a light warning for readers. If you have not read the rest of the Shadowhunter books released up to this point, I recommend reading those first and then coming back to this. While I love Alec and Magnus, some aspects don’t make full sense without reading the other books, and it spoils multiple things in multiple series. So if you do read it without reading the others, read at your own risk.


The book starts off slow, with Magnus and Alec doing vacation things, but quickly picks up the pace when Magnus is accused of running an evil cult. I mainly read the book over two days, only putting it down once because I really had to go to bed. There is a reason that Magnus and Alec are fan favorites. They’re just amazing. They balance each other out really well, and I love their relationship. While some readers might not be a fan of this, the tension in the book remains relatively low, since we know their relationship turns out well in later books. There’s still the curiosity of wondering what exactly will happen on this adventure, but it’s a bit of a relief to read a book where I’m not worrying for the characters lives every other chapter.



While we already know Magnus and Alec pretty well from previous books, I liked getting a deeper look into how they are with each other. I loved seeing their relationship grow, as well as seeing some of the less fun early relationship anxieties. Seeing Magnus and Alec learn to fully trust and love one another was very sweet. I especially loved how protective Alec was of Magnus, despite the fact that Magnus is a centuries old, very powerful warlock.


For fans wanting a fun, low-stakes book set in the Shadowhunter world, this is the book for you. Right now, it doesn’t really tie in with the rest of the books plot-wise, but I have a feeling the next book will provide some info about a certain green-skinned warlock we all love. I also loved the cameos of Raphael, Helen, Aline and the brief bits with characters in later books. This world is so big, but THE RED SCROLLS OF MAGIC ties it together really well. It’s a fun read that I highly recommend!

Reviewed by Isabel Coyne on May 8, 2019

The Red Scrolls of Magic
by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu