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The Night My Sister Went Missing


The Night My Sister Went Missing

Kurt Carmody and his sister Casey are at a party on the pier, breaking lots of rules while their parents are out of town. When Casey disappears after a gunshot is heard, Kurt is left to spend the night at the police station, trying to figure out what happened. Everyone thinks they know and are happy to point fingers. Secrets, and much more, are uncovered about the Mystic Marvels, the insulated group that Kurt and Casey hang out with on the island.

No one has discovered a body, so where is Casey? Kurt finds a place to sit and wait at the station, and is able to hear some of the police interviews with other teens from the party. At 17, Kurt had gone to the party having doubts about heading to the Naval Academy. He had argued the night before with his 15-year-old sister about her older boyfriend, Mark Stern. So Kurt was separated from Casey at the pier, busy talking to a geeky kid who seemed to be happy with a set future.

Casey loved pranks. An accomplished diver, she joked lots of times about diving off the pier. So how come no one can find her? Kurt thinks back to the gun that was passed around. It was small enough to be a toy, and no one seems to know whose it was or where it is now.

Several teens think Stacey Kearny is involved. She is a bit of an outsider who has done kind things. But now she is Mark Stern's ex-girlfriend, is rumored to be pregnant, and was heard screaming when Casey disappeared. She is also supposed to have a big crush on Kurt, who grows tired of all the rumors and goes down to help the search.

His Naval Academy sweatshirt washes up, with a clean hole through it, but no blood.  He finds Stacey also looking for Casey, who admits she purchased the gun. As each person speaks, Kurt begins to see what no one else can --- that there is more than one victim, and a lot more to Stacey than anyone realizes.

THE NIGHT MY SISTER WENT MISSING has all the suspense and drama of a locked-room mystery. Everyone observed the gun, but no one really saw anything. Carol Plum-Ucci, author of the award-winning THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED, has crafted an intricate mystery filled with shocking surprises and characters whom readers will remember for a long time.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on November 1, 2006

The Night My Sister Went Missing
by Carol Plum-Ucci

  • Publication Date: November 1, 2008
  • Genres: Mystery
  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: Harcourt
  • ISBN-10: 0152061916
  • ISBN-13: 9780152061913