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The Neverland Wars


The Neverland Wars

Audrey Greathouse, the author of THE NEVERLAND WARS, the start of a new trilogy,  brings us a fantastic retelling of the popular storybook, PETER PAN.

“Greathouse took a classic story that has been retold over and over again and added her own unique twist….Excellently written.”

For as long as 16-year-old Gwen can remember, she and her younger sister, Rosemary, have had to sleep with their windows closed and locked. After receiving frantic calls from her mother, Gwen returns home to policemen with weird badges and parents who are complacent about her sister’s disappearance. After demanding answers, Gwen learns that her sister was taken by the adolescent and mythical Peter Pan.

After Peter Pan returns with Rosemary, Gwen --- believing that she’s protecting her sister --- flies back to Neverland with them. After flying, telling stories and eating stars, Gwen learns of the looming war between Neverland and reality. Adults want Neverland’s magic and their children back, but Peter wants to remain young forever. New to these conflicts, Gwen must choose between aiding the childish Peter and remaining 16 forever, or forgetting about Neverland and returning to her world in time for Homecoming.

Ever since watching the animated 1953 adaptation of Peter Pan and the hit show, “Once Upon a Time,” I’ve been obsessed with Peter Pan, so this book was a must-read for me. I enjoyed how Audrey Greathouse took a classic story that has been retold over and over again and added her own unique twist. For example, most stories portray Peter as being a child, but in THE NEVERLAND WARS he is portrayed as being a teenager. In many versions, Peter appears alongside his magical sidekick, Tinker Bell, but in this retelling there are many different fairies, not just one. I also enjoyed how the author managed to include characters from the original story, like the mermaids, Tiger Lily and the crocodile.

Although THE NEVERLAND WARS was excellently written, it was a slow first book. One possible reason for this is because Audrey Greathouse spent a large part of the book introducing her characters and the world of Neverland so that they would be distinct from other retellings. I believe that the next two books will start off with a bang since the background has be covered in the first.

I recommend THE NEVERLAND WARS to those who enjoy the stories of Peter Pan, fantasy lovers and of course, those who don’t want to grow up.

Reviewed by Asia H., Teen Board Member on May 24, 2016

The Neverland Wars
by Audrey Greathouse