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The Me I Meant to Be


The Me I Meant to Be

Sophie Jordan is a New York Times bestselling author. Some of her other works include FIRELIGHT, CRAH and BREATHLESS, among many more titles. Her usual works fall under the adult romance category, but THE ME I MEANT TO BE is a young adult romance novel, actually her first YA romance novel and she writes it wonderfully. Fans of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE and any of Morgan Matson's books would love this book. It’s a quick and easy read, and it’s the perfect book for when you are in a book hangover.

THE ME I MEANT TO BE follows two best friends named Flor and Willa and their love lives. Flor has recently broken up with her boyfriend, Mark, who just so happens to live next to Willa and is also Willa’s other best friend. The story starts off with Willa, Flor and their other friend creating a girl code document. The first rule? Never date a friend's ex.

"Fans of...any of Morgan Matson's books would love this book. It’s a quick and easy read, and it’s the perfect book for when you are in a book hangover."

Little does Flor know that Willa has been in love with Mark for ages but she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. One night, they venture to a party and spot Mark flirting with one of their other friends, Ava (she is breaking girl code! Not cool, dude!). In a mashup of spin the bottle/truth or dare, Ava is dared to spend 10 minutes in the closet with Mark. Willa knows that this would destroy Ava and Flor’s friendship forever and being the great friend she is, she is able to convince Ava to not go into the closet. With that problem solved, she goes in there to tell Mark what was happening when he kisses her.

Meanwhile, while Willa is dealing with her love life, Flor is being tutored by a super-hot guy who is totally not her type but is definitely Willa’s (according to Flor). She needs to get her grades up in order to be captain of the soccer team. As someone who plays soccer I was very happy with the accuracy of her playing on an academy team so she can play for college because there is no way anyone can get into college just on playing high school. However, I am very confused as to how a high school soccer season is in December, even if they live in Texas. No one else would have noticed those details except for me, as I am very serious about sports accuracy in books. Anyway, this hot tutor has some secrets that Flor is determined to know!

Overall I really liked THE ME I MEANT TO BE. I was able to finish it in a day, I was that hooked. The writing style definitely fit the story, and it sounded like a teenager was talking opposed to the author. I wished it could have gone on for a bit longer or some chapters could have been added it but the book didn’t feel rushed, that's just my opinion as someone who loved the characters and needs more random content. My only problem was that I didn’t feel satisfied in the end, I would have liked a bit more elaboration as to what happened after, but I understand why Jordan wrote what she wrote, and it definitely fit the story.

Another thing I would have liked a bit more was the development of the friendship. I felt like the character development was good and the relationship developments were good, but after the conflict in the book, it felt like their friendship didn’t change or develop. The characters developed and in resulting in that development, their friendship should have developed/changed as well. As for the multiple perspectives, I enjoyed them and didn’t feel as if they were overdone. There weren’t many times I was wishing for the other perspective, I enjoyed both their stories very much. This is a book I could definitely see myself reading again and I think you should all pick it up.

Reviewed by Emily C., Teen Board Member on February 14, 2019

The Me I Meant to Be
by Sophie Jordan