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The Last Echo: A Body Finder Novel


The Last Echo: A Body Finder Novel

Violet’s ability to sense dead bodies is an asset to forensic psychologist Sara Priest, who enlists her to uncover a string of murders by a man known as “the girlfriend collector.” Now the serial killer is on the lookout for a new "relationship," and Violet may have caught his eye.

"Violet and the other characters continue to be appealing and realistic, even with the extrasensory powers some of them possess."

This third installment in the Body Finder series finds Violet working for a team of young people with special skills. THE LAST ECHO begins when she discovers the body of a missing girl who is thought to be the victim of a serial killer. Violet is now seeing Dr. Lee, a psychiatrist who her team leader, Sara, recommended. With Dr. Lee, Violet finds it easier to balance her special talents with normal teen life. But soon, her work draws her into danger, and she has to decide if she can handle it, even as she tries to hunt down the killer.

In between chapters from Violet’s point of view, Kimberly Derting splices in scenes from the killer’s perspective. His creepy habit of painting his victims’ nails are disturbing enough, but then he sees Violet, and readers know before she does that he wants to make her his next victim. When Violet figures out that the missing girls had a coffee shop in common, she crosses paths with the killer there.

When with the team, Violet feels she's with people who understand her. Krystal, the medium; the aforementioned Sara; and Rafe, her mentor, especially click with her. Rafe confuses her, though, and she does not understand the spark they both feel when they touch. Violet is still in love with Jay and always feels safe with him. Rafe challenges her while protecting her. He has talents in psychometrics, but does not discuss much about himself or his life. It is only after he is in a serious motorcycle accident that she learns he is related to another member of the team.

While working on the case, Violet sees another killer at the station and is able to tell the police more about his victims as she can match his imprints with the bodies. The man gets out on bond and goes after her with his gang. Violet’s parents want her to quit the team after that, which makes her angry. She would like to keep helping people with her talents. She does understand why Jay and her parents want her to be safe, but thinks her help is more important.

The serial killer of the girls goes after Violet, who has to rely on her own skills to escape, though the team lends a hand as well. Violet and the other characters continue to be appealing and realistic, even with the extrasensory powers some of them possess. THE LAST ECHO will please fans, and a surprise twist at the end will keep them eagerly awaiting the next book from this talented suspense writer.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on April 27, 2012

The Last Echo: A Body Finder Novel
by Kimberly Derting