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The Heart Forger


The Heart Forger

Rin Chupeco, the author who brought us THE BONE WITCH, has now released the stellar sequel THE HEART FORGER.

Now that Tea has fully developed her powers and taking up the important duties of a dark asha, she has more power than ever before. She is able to resurrect the dead, compel others and take lives. Her long-time mentor, The Lady Mykaela, is running out of time with her illness, and there is a sleeping curse sweeping across the land that no one knows the source of. It is mainly targeting the royals of the kingdoms.

"I think that THE HEART FORGER is the perfect continuation of THE BONE WITCH....I love how Rin Chupeco incorporates romance and action into this story."

After Prince Kance, one of Tea’s closest friends, announces his engagement to the First Daughter of Kion, princess Inessa, he is taken to the sleeping curse. Tea is accused of conspiring against the crown and poisoning Prince Kance, but isn’t guilty of the crime. Tea, her brother Fox, the fearless deathseeker Kalen, Khalad and her fellow Asha managed to escape Odalia, in order to search for the only person who can produce an antidote for the sleeping curse: The Heart Forger. He is away on a healing journey and no one, not even his young apprentice Khalad, is able to get in touch with him.

They end up travelling all around the continent with a target on their heads. Lady Tea starts to realize her feelings for Prince Kance may not have been how they seemed. She finds out she has feelings for another man, someone who has been in front of her the whole time. She begins to understand what it is like to have more people in her circle of trust, and what it is like to be the most feared witch in the world.

I think that THE HEART FORGER is the perfect continuation of THE BONE WITCH. The first book in any series can always be slower because of all of the characters and the plot being developed. Because this book is the second installment in the series, most of the characters and the plot are both fully developed, making it easier to understand. I love how Rin Chupeco incorporates romance and action into this story. As soon as you open the book, you are emerged into Lady Tea’s crazy world and you cannot put the book down!

Although I loved how the story was still told in Tea’s point of view, half of it was still told from the Bard’s point of view. The story still switches point of views, like THE BONE WITCH. It not only switches between narrators, it also still switches between the past and the present. It was harder to recognize the difference between what was happening in the past and what was happening in the present times. Just like THE BONE WITCH, the author tells you what happens in the future, but not filling in what happens leading up to it. There is still room for another book to be produced.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves young adult novels with romance and magic. I still see many similarities between THE HEART FORGER and the "Game of Thrones" series. Both have a strong female lead and they both have more than one story line being told at once. Read this book enter into a whole different world of the bone witch.

Reviewed by Emily F., Teen Board Member on March 28, 2018

The Heart Forger
by Rin Chupeco