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The Future Will Be BS Free


The Future Will Be BS Free

In a country where freedom of all kind is obliterated, and the head of state controls all aspects of every citizen’s lives, truth is hard to find. What if this could change, though?

In this dystopian vision of the American future, a group of teenagers band together to fight against unfair treatment from their government. This group, under the initial guidance of Theo, a child prodigy leading his group of childhood friends on a project, takes it upon themselves to create a machine that could end their repressive regime’s constant spewing of lies. To fight against this, they create a Truth App --- a machine that can instantly and successfully detect whether someone is being truthful.

"Will McIntosh’s THE FUTURE WILL BE BS FREE...stunned me with its ingenuity both in its premise and storytelling. I never felt a dull or stagnant moment throughout this book..."

Will McIntosh’s THE FUTURE WILL BE BS FREE, narrated by Sam, one of Theo’s friends and a co-creator of the Truth App, stunned me with its ingenuity both in its premise and storytelling. I never felt a dull or stagnant moment throughout this book, as there were constant developments both with the characters’ friendships and in the actual release of the revolutionary Truth App.

The world-building was impressive, highlighted by in-depth descriptions of the repressive government’s inner-workings and the characters’ interaction with their physical environment. One scene in particular where one of the main characters is caught breaking curfew marked me very early on as its shocking nature revealed much about the intolerance and rigidness of this dystopian future. Through the way in which people of authority treat regular citizens, readers will get a very clear idea of the dire conditions in which Sam and the rest of his community are forced to live in.

The character dynamics between the group of friends behind the Truth App was strange to get used to; at first, I wasn’t even sure why they were all even friends in the first place. After it was revealed that only the creator of the project, Theo, had an interest in creating a better world and that the others just wanted to earn some cash, their cold interactions began to make more sense. However, following a tragedy in their hometown, the creators of the Truth App find themselves without a choice but release their product as quickly as possible.

Battling pressure from big-money investors and government officials wanting to shut the project down, Sam finds a ragtag group of supporters from his community to help escort the Truth App outside his town, where he’s being pursued for his product, to get it mass-produced. It’s a thrill to read about how Sam manages to bring people together in the struggle to produce and distribute the machine to as many people as possible.

McIntosh’s skillful writing leads me to dwell on the way our government’s policies are impacting our lives and if it our current state will eventually deteriorate to the extent depicted in his novel. The most important takeaway from this book, though, is that people work better when they come together for the greater good and that people, no matter their age or origin, will always have a voice.

If you’re interested in a fast-paced, thought-provoking read, THE WORLD WILL BE BS FREE will likely be your fix.

Reviewed by Rachel D., Teen Board Member on September 6, 2018

The Future Will Be BS Free
by Will McIntosh