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The Fragile Ordinary


The Fragile Ordinary

Comet has nothing to do with the cool, outgoing girl her name might suggest. Instead, she is socially awkward and spends her free time plunged in books and writing an anonymous poetry blog. Her world is suddenly turned upside down with the arrival of Tobias King, a hot new student, who captivates everyone in his path. Comet finds herself more and more attracted to Tobias, despite his bad-boy attitude, and can’t deny the spark growing between the two of them. But with family drama, falling out with friends and boy troubles, Comet will have to make a decision that will shake up her life for better or for worse.

"Young perfectly captures what it is to be a bibliophilic, shy teenager....I immediately identified with Comet...."

THE FRAGILE ORDINARY is a refreshing story about love, coming of age and a fantastic tribute to all of us introverted bookworms out there. Young perfectly captures what it is to be a bibliophilic, shy teenager who just wants to be surrounded by books and never have to go outside and interact with people. I immediately identified with Comet, especially when she’s hesitant to share her poetry because she’s worried others won’t like it. I loved that by the end of the book Comet evolves into a young woman who isn’t afraid to be heard or to put herself out there. Young manages to depict Comet’s growth gradually and in a way that seems so real and all the more inspiring for the reader since it feels within reach.

I enjoyed reading THE FRAGILE ORDINARY from start to finish. I pictured myself in Comet’s room in Edinburgh watching the ocean from her window. I was also on the verge of tears several times throughout the book when Comet fights with her friends or her parents. Young managed to keep me so hooked that I finished the book in one day, no small feat considering I usually steer clear of romance and dive straight into fantasy.

My only complaint is that the love story between Comet and Tobias seemed a little too predictable and cliched. It was obvious from the start that they would fall in love and that Cornel would transform Tobias from a bad boy into a good one.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a relatable, inspiring romance, especially lovers of GEEKERELLA and TELL ME THREE THINGS.

Reviewed by Alice D., Teen Board Member on June 26, 2018

The Fragile Ordinary
by Samantha Young