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The Forgotten Book


The Forgotten Book

After THE BOOK JUMPER, it seemed like Mechthild Glaser could go no further into the fantasy of book lovers, yet she has outdone herself with THE FORGOTTEN BOOK. The mere idea of being able to write down events and make them occur could stun anyone, but this tale goes above and beyond. With an intricate backstory and a plot that won’t stop thickening, Glaser takes readers down every twist and turn possible.

Emma’s favorite place in the world is Stolzenburg, Germany, home to her school of the same name. After coming back from a boring summer holiday with her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend, she’s ready to dive right back into the world she loves at school. While exploring one of the castle’s old library, Emma discovers a book hidden in the dusty drawers. Not just any old book, but a chronicle of the castle’s history, with additions from various people from the building of the castle, to just four years ago. In the spirit of remembering her years at Stolzenburg, Emma decides to begin adding to it herself. But this chronicle is not as it seems --- everything she writes in the book ends up coming true.

"After THE BOOK JUMPER, it seemed like Mechthild Glaser could go no further into the fantasy of book lovers, yet she has outdone herself with THE FORGOTTEN BOOK."

As Emma falls deeper and deeper into the allure of the book, she learns that there is more to the story of this chronicle than may seem. As she explores she begins to grow closer to the irritable Darcy de Winter, and together they begin to unravel the truth behind the chronicle. As secrets get revealed and stories uncovered Emma knows one thing for sure --- all power comes with a price.

The main character, Emma, is truly unique from the average young adult protagonist. Her main passion is simply being a student, and she truly cares about those around her. She uses the chronicle for little things, like settling student council uniform disagreements, instead of for dark gain. Her relationship with Darcy is what really drew me to her. His arrogant tendencies would normally put someone off, and this is exactly what happened with Emma. Every time they were around each other they ended at each other’s throats. Even when Darcy softened, Emma would not simply forget their previous rude interactions and fall into his arms. She is sturdy in her beliefs, and it takes a little more pushing for her to ease up on the arguing.

Emma’s perspective is wonderfully written, so that she is telling the story of her own past. This gives the novel a foreboding feeling, as if something dark is around the corner. As I read, I couldn’t shake an inexplicable eerie feeling, that something terrifying was about to occur. Even when things settled calmly, Glaser always kept me biting my nails in anticipation of what could possibly go wrong next.

As Emma starts using the power of the chronicle for bigger and more dangerous purposes, Stolzenburg does not feel as safe as it once was. Darcy and Emma must figure out what really happened with the chronicle before the world she is writing into existence comes crashing down around them.

Reviewed by Caitlyn K., Teen Board Member on February 14, 2018

The Forgotten Book
by Mechthild Gläser