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The Fall of Butterflies


The Fall of Butterflies

THE FALL OF BUTTERFLIES, by Andrea Portes, is about a girl named Willa. It begins as your typical story of a teenager leaving home and starting over at a new school. At school, Willa meets someone she instantly connects with --- Remy. They seem to have a special connection at this elite school, and Willa is introduced to a whole new world because of Remy. Remy is not only very rich, but also big trouble: she introduces Willa to a lot of bad things, including drugs.

“The book itself was well-written….I would recommend this story for someone who likes slow-burn, longer reads.”

The way the book was written was a bit odd and did not suit my style of reading. Portes writes in a way that allows the main character to speak directly to the reader. Either you like it or you don’t and, unfortunately, I did not particularly enjoy the style. Additionally, I thought that the book was too long and kind of dry in places. It took me a while to get through it. I only continued because I wanted to know the result.
You see, Willa is suicidal. And Remy is the one holding her back. However, it is never explained why Willa is suicidal. I also didn’t really connect to many of the characters, just a few. I really enjoyed Ms. Ingall, one of Willa's teachers, as it was nice to see a teacher take such a strong interest in a student. I also enjoyed the settings of a bunch of the places that Willa visited. It just didn’t have enough spice and action for me.
The book itself was well-written , although the main conflict had to do with drugs --- and that’s about it. I would really recommend this story for someone who likes slow-burn, longer reads, not for someone who enjoys action-packed adventure. THE FALL OF BUTTERFLIES was not a bad book, but it is for people who enjoy realistic stories.

Reviewed by Alyssa L., Teen Board Member on May 23, 2016

The Fall of Butterflies
by Andrea Portes