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The Equals

About the Book

The Equals

What happens when your own government turns against you?

The Equality Team continues to round up and subject The Ones --- the 1% of the American population who were genetically engineered in vitro --- to a vaccine that will level the playing field. Desperate to save her boyfriend James from this fate, Cody flees into the wild to seek assistance from a shadowy rebel group dedicated to equal rights for the Ones at any cost.

But when she grows closer to a radical named Kai, she's brought deeper into the fold, only to realize the group's leader has a secret plan more dangerous than Cody could have imagined --- something that could change the course of the Ones' future.

Themes of justice, discrimination and terrorism mix with actual science to create a frightening version of our near future in Daniel Sweren-Becker's THE EQUALS, the action-packed sequel to THE ONES.

The Equals
by Daniel Sweren-Becker