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The Emerald Sea


The Emerald Sea

Richelle Mead is the bestselling author of over 25 novels for adults and teens. A fan of myth and folklore, she has written many books including those elements. Richelle is the author of the Vampire Academy series as well as its spin-off series, Bloodlines. She also wrote SOUNDLESS, a standalone novel set around Chinese mythology. Her newest young adult trilogy, The Glittering Court, began with a book by that same name. The second novel in the trilogy, MIDNIGHT JEWEL, occurs at the same time as THE GLITTERING COURT but from an alternative point of view. The final installment, THE EMERALD SEA also takes place at the same time but from the third and final point of view.

THE EMERALD SEA is finally Tamsin’s experience with the Glittering Court. Tamsin joined the Court because she has the most to lose out of her friends Adelaide and Mira. She was a significant character and friend to Adelaide and Mira until her boat was driven off course in a storm on their way to Adoria and Tamsin was separated from them for most of the story. Little did Adelaide and Mira know, Tamsin was alive and well and traveling across colonies in Adoria so that she could finally join them in Cape Triumph.

"Tamsin’s story was by far the most entertaining installment of this trilogy....I have always been a Richelle Mead fan, and these books are exactly what I wanted."

Tamsin’s story was by far the most entertaining installment of this trilogy. Even though I enjoyed Adelaide’s and Mira’s story, I could not stop reading this one. While I was annoyed with Tamsin in the other books, I did not know what she had at stake, but she has turned into my favorite character.  I connected with her the most, and her story was even more interesting than the other ones. In THE EMERALD SEA, Mead explores the rest of Adoria and focuses a lot less on the actual time that they spent at the Glittering Court. Keeping that only a small part of Tamsin’s story was the right decision because I think the drama of the Glittering Court is explored enough in THE GLITTERING COURT and MIDNIGHT JEWEL. With each novel in the trilogy, they only get better. I have always been a Richelle Mead fan, and these books are exactly what I wanted.

Because of the fallout that Tamsin has with Adelaide, she chooses to go on a different ship to Adoria and meets all of the other Glittering Court women, and I am glad a lot more characters were introduced. I especially loved Damaris and Winifred’s character. Even though this is only a trilogy, I would read any continuation of this story from another point of view. Tamsin showed off her natural leadership abilities, and it is enjoyable to learn about her taking charge when their ship veered way off course. Tamsin runs into both the Balanquans, the Icori, and many more exciting and dangerous settings, and Tamsin views them a lot differently than Adelaide and Mira because she got to stay with them and form meaningful relationships. One of my favorite aspects was exploring other parts of Adoria other than Cape Triumph.

Tamsin has a reason for joining the Glittering Court, but it also vastly complicates her possible romantic relationships throughout the story. Some characters took me by surprise, and for every one that I disliked, there were two more that I loved. It is best to go into this novel with little idea of what is going to happen. Even though this novel is almost 500 pages, I could not put it down and did not mind at all; I could have read even more.

While the Glittering Court is a trilogy, readers can read the books in any order because they occur at the same time. I read them in the release order, and I think that is the best way to read them. Tamsin’s story is best saved for last because it is so separate from the other two. If only interested in Tamsin’s story, then just read this one, but if at all interested in reading the entire trilogy, I recommend starting with Adelaide’s novel, THE GLITTERING COURT, and the reading Mira's MIDNIGHT JEWEL, and finally reading about Tamsin in THE EMERALD SEA. I highly recommend this trilogy, and I will continue to pick up anything Richelle Mead writes.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2018

The Emerald Sea
by Richelle Mead

  • Publication Date: June 26, 2018
  • Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 13+
  • Hardcover: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Razorbill
  • ISBN-10: 1595148450
  • ISBN-13: 9781595148452