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The Diminished


The Diminished

In the Alskad Empire, nearly all are born with a twin, two halves to form one whole…yet some face the world alone.


The singleborn


A rare few are singleborn in each generation and therefore given the right to rule by the gods and goddesses. Bo Trousillion is one of these few, born into the royal line and destined to rule. Though he has been chosen to succeed his great-aunt, Queen Runa, as the leader of the Alskad Empire, Bo has never felt equal to the grand future before him.


The diminished


When one twin dies, the other usually follows, unable to face the world without their other half. Those who survive are considered diminished, doomed to succumb to the violent grief that inevitably destroys everyone whose twin has died. Such is the fate of Vi Abernathy, whose twin sister died in infancy. Raised by the anchorites of the temple after her family cast her off, Vi has spent her whole life scheming for a way to escape and live out what's left of her life in peace.


As their 16th birthdays approach, Bo and Vi face very different futures --- one a life of luxury as the heir to the throne, the other years of backbreaking work as a temple servant. But a long-held secret and the fate of the empire are destined to bring them together in a way they never could have imagined.


I loved this book, the plot, the characters, the cover, the writing --- everything was amazing.


The plot was so original. I’ve never read anything like it and right away it drew me in. I adored the world that Patterson created; she brought it to life through the details and descriptions. The plot was flawless and I was never bored. I was excited and sad at the right moments, and it had just the right amount of mystery. Patterson managed to balance the perfect amount of action, romance, family, friendship and mystery.


The characters were by far the best part of the book. I loved the two points of views and the way they were laid out. Vi and Bo were so complex, and their chapters dove deeply into their feelings and thoughts. It wasn’t all about the action that was going on, it was about how they reacted to that action that I loved. We got to learn more about them, and their perspectives were so detailed and thought out that they were never flat or boring.


The cover, while it doesn’t affect my opinion of the book, I just had to talk about because it is so beautiful. I saw it and I fell in love with the blue and gold and the two half moons. It was truly an amazing cover and I just felt like that needed to be said.


I recommend this book to anyone who loves YA fantasy books, and wants to settle in with an amazing book that will leave you waiting for the second one. It was an awesome read and I cannot wait for the second book.

Reviewed by Hannah B. on April 6, 2018

The Diminished
by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson