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The Dead I Know


The Dead I Know

THE DEAD I KNOW by Scot Gardner is an exciting and surprising novel flooded with anticipation and excitement. It is sure to keep any reader on the edge of his or her seat with every turn of a page.
Aaron Rowe is no stranger to death. He is not afraid of it, either. This, however, does not mean that it does not disturb him. His sleep is poisoned with terrifying nightmares and unexplained sleep walking. He wakes every morning in a new location unable to remember anything about the night before. His guardian does not do much to help him. In fact, it seems that Aaron is looking after her more than the other way around.
“THE DEAD I KNOW is a fantastic novel. There is no simpler way to put it. Gardner does an excellent job of capturing his reader...”
So when Aaron gets a job at JKB funeral home he welcomes the distraction from his complicated home life even if the job entails facing dead bodies and grieving families every day. But the new job seems to only distract Aaron during the day. While he sleeps, his nightmares only worsen until he can think of nothing else but his self-induced terror and his guardian's worsening condition. Haunted by his past and apparent lack of a future, Aaron's sleepwalking reaches a new level. He may have no choice but to assume that he is insane. At least, he would rather do that than face the nightmares themselves. But the nightmares and sleepwalking may have more to do with his past than with his current job or situation. To save his conscious self from his subconscious one, he must first face fears that have followed him for years.
THE DEAD I KNOW is a fantastic novel. There is no simpler way to put it. Gardner does an excellent job of capturing his reader from the first few sentences and does not release his grasp on his audience until the last sentence has been devoured. I love every minute of this haunting, creative, and at times terrifying masterpiece. Gardner's novel is not an action packed thriller in the traditional sense. But he manages to seize his audience through the intense psychological drama and intrigue throughout the entire book. I would recommend this book to older teens with a love of haunting literature that will leave you with a few chilling nightmares yourself.

Reviewed by Lauren H., Teen Board Member on May 17, 2016

The Dead I Know
by Scot Gardner