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The Au Pairs #4: Crazy Hot


The Au Pairs #4: Crazy Hot

Hampton heat in the summer returns with the popular Au Pairs. This fourth installment in Melissa de la Cruz's sizzling hot series will surprise and charm readers with new fashion trends, life-changing questions and heartbreaking decisions.

Eliza has finished her first year at Parsons and is looking forward to opening her own boutique with a summer line in the Hamptons. Jeremy helped her get the shop ready, but after earning a large inheritance, he is suddenly talking houses and kids. When he presents Eliza with the huge Neil Lane diamond of her dreams, she wonders why it all feels so wrong. Being set for life with a career and family at 19 is a lot to handle.

Mara spent her first year at Columbia with intellectual boyfriend David. When they arrive at the airport ready for a summer writing job in Europe, an expired passport means no trip for Mara. But David leaves anyway.

Jacqui endured a humiliating fifth year of high school to get those NYU credentials and is anticipating another summer with the Perrys. She finds out, however, that they're leaving for London and she has only a few weeks left in the apartment they loaned her.

Eliza's newly-divorced father is living with a female business tycoon, who has five gifted children and no nannies. When Eliza arrives to spend the summer with her dad, she calls Mara and Jacqui --- and the girls are together again in the Hamptons.

Jacqui is discovered as the new It Girl model for two "Saucy Aussie" photographers, and they also feature Eliza's designs. Both girls are busy most nights appearing at parties for this fast-track new life. Mara stays home and takes care of the kids, though she manages to bump into Ryan Perry, who did not go to London. After she receives photographs from David in Europe about how much he wishes she were at the Eiffel Tower or Venice, she writes back and breaks it off. Instead, she spends her time on a blog about her life as a Hamptons nanny and plans to work on a book.

Soon Jacqui has to decide if she's still going to NYU, her longtime dream, or to Paris with the flirty photographer. Eliza gets interviewed constantly about her clothes --- and her upcoming wedding, which has no plans yet. Things come to a head for all three girls, and after an air-clearing session with each other, they return to settle their situations with level heads and hearts.

Readers will wish there was a real Eliza Thompson designing the clothes that are described on these pages, but what's truly memorable is the lovely bond these three young women share. CRAZY HOT will fulfill the future for them in a highly satisfying way.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on May 8, 2007

The Au Pairs #4: Crazy Hot
by Melissa de la Cruz

  • Publication Date: June 4, 2013
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
  • ISBN-10: 1442474122
  • ISBN-13: 9781442474123