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The Antidote


The Antidote

Shelley Sackier, the author who brought DEAR OPAL and THE FREEMASON’S DAUGHTER to the shelves, now delivers THE ANTIDOTE --- a book that shows that you should stay true to your friends and the people you trust and help them and stay by their side at all times no matter the consequences.

In a world where magic is forbidden and scorned, Ophelia, also known as Fee, can manipulate plants and more. To stay alive, she must keep her powers hidden. When the entire kingdom is placed under quarantine for 10 years because of a sudden epidemic, she is kept isolated and hidden away from sight. No one knew that she was there except the only person she was allowed to see, her best friend Xavi. When Xavi grows deathly ill and disappears, she is found and framed for his murder. The one person she believed she could trust betrayed her and didn’t believe in her innocence. In a world where nothing, including secrets, stays hidden forever, Fee must keep her magic a secret while trying to uncover who kidnapped her best friend.

'This book is great for an all-night read. With its many red herrings as well as its intriguing mystery, I couldn’t put it down."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It slightly reminded me of the Falling Kingdoms series when you hear about the witches being hated for using magic, though in THE ANTIDOTE, it’s less spoken about and not as dark. I loved how THE ANTIDOTE kept me guessing through every turn with the many red herrings sprinkled throughout. Nothing is what it seems and the people who readers think they can trust will betray them and vice-versa. Although the first few chapters were very confusing and I had no clue about what was going on, as I went on, the chapters became clear and I understood what they were about and the reason of why they were put there.

Additionally, the characters were very likeable. I felt as I were in the story and could feel most of the characters’ pain, relief and joy all throughout the book. Readers will want everything to turn out all right for all of them, Fee especially. You’ll want her to finally have peace and not worry about hiding her magic from the people that she loves and trusts.

What was a little strange about THE ANTIDOTE was the romance element. At first the book seemed as if it was PG and a middle school-grade book. Everything that could be labeled as inappropriate was shaded over and the language was not childish but something that you would say to an eighth grader rather than to an adult. Yet when the romance scenes came along, the book changed. The language as well as the actions were drastically different and very PG-13. It was fine, but it took me by surprise since the writing led me to believe it was a middle school-grade book rather than a PG-13 book.

This book is great for an all-night read. With its many red herrings as well as its intriguing mystery, I couldn’t put it down. The characters were enjoyable and the plot was incredible. I recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and enjoys a light mystery.

Reviewed by Becky C., Teen Board Member on February 28, 2019

The Antidote
by Shelley Sackier