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Fans of the angel Fallen trilogy by Kate will enjoy this ethereal new series beginning with TEARDROP. This story begins with Seedbearer Ander deciding to go against his family and save Eureka from the wave his people designed to kill her and her mother as they drive over a bridge. Then, readers enter Eureka’s world as she wades through sadness and the changes in people she loves in order to learn about her supernatural powers and fate. Mystery, romance and fantasy combine for an enchanting world with plenty of hints about adventures to come in the next books.

"Lauren Kate’s books have a slower, immersive pace and style and that works for this fantasy..."

Ander’s purpose has been to watch Eureka her entire life. Now that she’s 17, he knows he is in love with her and can’t bear to see her die in the crash. But he does not realize how losing her mother and that grief would keep Eureka from wanting to live.

Life in small town New Iberia, Louisiana now seems unbearable for Eureka, with her harsh stepmother, distant father and their required therapy visits. Bright spots include her beloved twin half siblings Claire and William, best friends Brooks and Cat and memories of her archeologist mother and their travels all over the world. Formerly a DJ and a cross country team captain, Eureka is trying to get herself to a meet when a handsome boy crashes into her jeep; she feels a connection.

Ander drops in and out of her life, telling her lies like he goes to a rival high school or giving her a false phone number. She and Cat try in vain to track him down. At the same time, Eureka is having feelings about Brooks, someone who has always been her friend. She isn’t happy with Maya, the girl after him, but she is not ready to take the step beyond friendship with him.

After a freakish wave during a picnic on the beach, Brooks is not himself. He kisses Eureka passionately, then fights with her and does not speak to her for days. When they make up, he maintains a random mean streak. Ander reappears to tell her that Brooks is not who he seems, and that he may have been possessed.

Eureka also receives some mysterious objects through her mother’s will. One is a Thunderstone, another a sealed locket, and the third is a book in an undecipherable language. Cat helps her find a fortune teller to help her decipher what turns out to be a love story about Atlantis, the underwater world. Before Eureka can figure out how this relates to her mother, the fortune teller is killed, and danger surrounds the horrified teen; a trip on a boat with Brooks and the twins turns tragic.

Clues from Ander, the objects her mother left and the mysterious book start to come together, along with the reasons for the lifetime warning her mother gave her never to cry. When extreme duress forces Eureka to cry, her tears unleash a flood. Readers will be waiting for the next book to learn what happens next.

Lauren Kate’s books have a slower, immersive pace and style and that works for this fantasy, though the book could have been shorter. Readers will spend time in Eureka’s world learning about all the characters before learning what the clues mean, but it is an enjoyable read with a unique Atlantis and water world situation running through it.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on June 3, 2013

by Lauren Kate

  • Publication Date: October 28, 2014
  • Genres: Young Adult 12+
  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Ember
  • ISBN-10: 0385742665
  • ISBN-13: 9780385742665