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Sweet Sixteen Princess


Sweet Sixteen Princess

Get ready for Sweet Sixteen, Princess Mia style. Everyone has an opinion about what that big event should include, but no one seems willing to listen to Mia herself. Lilly wants her to outdo the big party Lana had on a yacht with helicopter rides. Mia's Grandmere, the Queen, would like her birthday to involve jetting 100 of her friends over to Genovia for an all-expense paid shopping and sporting weekend, which will be filmed for an MTV reality show called "My Super Royal Sweet Sixteen." This is the very last thing Mia would possibly want.

But Mia has other concerns. As Student Council President, she is asking the PTA for stationary bikes and other fitness equipment for a program for all students. This is meeting with no success.

When Michael asks her what she wants for her birthday, she requests a nice romantic dinner and maybe for him to make her something. He is so busy each weekend trying to spend time with both of his now separated parents that she hardly sees him. Mia also mentions wanting to ice skate in Rockefeller Center, which she knows is impossible on May 1st, but as long as he's asking...

As Lilly continues to bug Mia about having a big celebration, Mia realizes that this is really about what happened last year at her 15th birthday party. That was when Lilly made out in a closet with a boy who was not her boyfriend, right in front of her boyfriend! Lilly wants this year to be special for Mia because she still feels bad about that. So Mia, in a fit of exasperation, tells Lilly that she will be forgiven for last year if and only if she tells her new boyfriend, J.P., that she loves him. J.P. is mysterious around Lilly even though they go on dates, and Mia and her other girlfriends want Lilly to try to provoke him into passion. Mia thinks Lilly will never bare her soul to him with the L word, but she is tired of Lilly bugging her.

When the big day arrives, Mia enjoys some time with her family, opening presents and watching Kellie Martin TV movies, before getting herself ready for what she thinks will be a quiet dinner with Michael. But he has a few surprises planned for her as well.

Fans will enjoy the humor and plot surprises in this short novel, while waiting for the next one in this fun series.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on May 23, 2006

Sweet Sixteen Princess
by Meg Cabot

  • Publication Date: May 23, 2006
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 96 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • ISBN-10: 0060847166
  • ISBN-13: 9780060847166