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Sunshine is Forever


Sunshine is Forever

SUNSHINE IS FOREVER by Kyle T. Cowan is about a boy named Hunter who was pretty serious depression. Hunter is sent to a camp for depressed teenagers because his parents can no longer put up with him. They are still angry at him because of The Incident --- you don’t find out what The Incident is until near the end of the book. Once at Camp Sunshine (as it is ironically called), Hunter finds himself put in situations he never thought would help him in the long run. He starts his journey there by being incredibly stubborn but he soon finds that being stubborn is not going to get him through this place.

After a bad first impression --- do not ask the question to anyone at Camp Sunshine --- it takes Hunter a little while to make friends. With time, he grows closer to his newfound friends. At camp, he thinks they’re annoying but once he gets back home he realizes they’ll be friends for life. One of Hunter’s new friends is Corin. Corin is a gorgeous female who seems to not be depressed at all, but this is her third summer at Camp Sunshine. Hunter’s curiosity as to why Corin is at the camp drives him to do things that cause many issues --- some fatal. To find out what happens to everyone at Camp Sunshine and to find out what The Incident is, you’ll just have to read the book.

"SUNSHINE IS FOREVER is a book I could not put down....Kyle T. Cowan does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat."

SUNSHINE IS FOREVER is a book I could not put down. Page after page will leave you wanting to know more. You have to know what The Incident is. You have to know if the plan happens accordingly. You have to know everything.

Kyle T. Cowan does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. He conceals a lot of the information you want to know most until the very end of the book. This is a good tactic to get the reader to keep reading, but can sometimes be rather annoying to the reader. He mentions The Incident hundreds of times before actually telling you what it is. At one point he even begins to tell the story of The Incident, but then doesn’t finish it. Although I got slightly frustrated at times due to simply needing to know information, I absolutely loved this book. It gives a voice to those who are depressed. It shows that sometimes the help depressed teenagers get is not the help they actually need.

I would recommend this book to anyone struggling with depression and to anyone who knows someone struggling with depression. Depression is a complicated thing and I believe this books helps to clarify some of the confusion people may have about it, especially teenagers. Of course this book isn’t going to cure depression, but I believe it will help people to try to see a new side of things. SUNSHINE IS FOREVER shows that all you really need is a good support system and if you have that and want to change, you can.

Reviewed by Ashley D., Teen Board Member on September 27, 2017

Sunshine is Forever
by Kyle T. Cowan