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Summer Unscripted


Summer Unscripted

SUMMER UNSCRIPTED by Jen Klein starts out like any other high school romance book does: a girl likes the most popular boy and will do anything to be with him. For Rainie, that means following Tuck to a town in the mountains and being a part of something she has never had an interest in before. During her high school’s showcase of drama students reading monologues, Rainie isn’t paying attention at all --- except when Tuck comes up to speak. His monologue speaks to her and she believes he is telling her that they are meant to be together. Rainie knows that during the summer, Tuck spends his time in Olympus to act in the annual production of Zeus!  And so does Ella, Rainie’s ex-best friend. Somehow Rainie convinces Ella to get her a job working on Zeus! for the summer and together they head up the mountain to begin their jobs.

"I really enjoyed SUMMER UNSCRIPTED....Being a theater nerd myself, I loved reading about the behind the scenes action of Zeus! and how you really got to know all of the main characters...."

Rainie has never been one to finish what she starts. So in order for her parents to agree to let her go up to Olympus, she has to promise that she will stay for the entire summer. Because Rainie believes she and Tuck will be madly in love with each other the whole time, she agrees to the terms. However, at the first cast and crew meeting, Rainie sees Tuck kissing another girl. She is so embarrassed that she tells Ella she’s going home. With the help of a little goodhearted blackmail, Ella convinces Rainie to stay. Rainie begins to make friends with the other cast and crew members --- especially Ella’s incredibly hot ex-boyfriend Milo. Milo and Rainie spend a lot of time together and end up becoming very good friends. Rainie still tries to get together with Tuck, however, despite him having a girlfriend and despite her feelings for Milo. Near the end, everyone finds out how everyone feels about each other. So what do you think happens? Does Rainie end up chasing after her dream of Tuck or does she find happiness in Milo?

Personally, I really enjoyed SUMMER UNSCRIPTED. There are a lot of books in the world about a girl falling for the most popular boy, but this one changes things up a little bit. Being a theater nerd myself, I loved reading about the behind the scenes action of Zeus! I loved how you really got to know all the main characters, but there was still a hint of mystery about them. What I think would have made SUMMER UNSCRIPTED more interesting is if the viewpoints of Ella, Milo and Tuck were told as well. That would certainly increase the length of the book, but it would take away some of the mystery I loved, though.

I would recommend this book to any girl who thinks the most popular boy is the boy she has to be with and to any and all theater kids. This book teaches a lesson about how who you think you are isn’t always who you truly are. It also teaches us that everyone has a passion, you just have to go looking for it. Overall, this book is one I believe most everyone would enjoy and I recommend it highly.

Reviewed by Ashley D., Teen Board Member on July 12, 2017

Summer Unscripted
by Jen Klein