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Station Zero (Railhead, Book 3)


Station Zero (Railhead, Book 3)

Philip Reeve has written many books for children and teenagers and is most known for his book series called The Mortal Engines. This series was even made into a movie just this year. In addition, he is known for a few other series besides The Railhead Trilogy such as the Buster Bayliss series and the Larknight trilogy. Books similar TO STATION ZERO and the Railhead Trilogy include the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu because they follow almost the exact same concept. Another good book similar to STATION ZERO is THE CHILDREN OF CASTLE ROCK by Natasha Farrant.

"STATION ZERO combined Harry Potter and the Legend Trilogy together and ended up making something more modern...STATION ZERO is one of the best conclusions to a trilogy that I have read in a while."

In the final installment of the Railhead Trilogy, Zen Starling has pretty much anything anyone can ask for. He’s rich, has a nice and luxurious home, owns his own car and even is somewhat famous. However there’s one problem: he’s unhappy, unhappy about his past actions and unhappy about some of the mistakes that he made. One day when Zen receives a message comes through the Datasea with coordinates of Nova's voice, he immediately takes this as a chance to escape his home and once more be the rebel and rail rider he once was. Not to mention, he wishes to see Nova, a motoric, because he was unsure about what had happened to her and had feelings for her.

In the midst of all of this, things are at a stalemate between the Prell Empire and the Noon Empire. The Noon Empire wishes to explore a bunch of new worlds that were just discovered but, on the contrary, the Prell Empire wishes to shut down this new K-gate for good. I don’t wish to spoil the book but Nova and Zen meet again and together they decided to try and find out the secrets behind the Railmaster. The one problem is that the Guardians are willing to do everything to prevent this from happening and now the question becomes, why? Zen and Nova escape dangers, receive help from unexpected allies, and in the midst of it, their bond strengthens.

This book was a pleasure to read because the plot of the whole story was amazing and like a roller coaster with many flips and unexpected turns. In addition, some of the characters that were in the first book came back. I won’t list names, you will just have to wait and see! The Guardians were more interesting and the story of the Railmaster because very intriguing. All of the mysteries and questions you had throughout the whole series gets explained by the end of the story which is good.

There were many good things about this book but at the same time, there were some flaws that should be noted. For instance, in some series, you are able to start reading at a random book and then come back to read the rest. This is not the case with STATION ZERO, it is necessary for you to read the other two books in the trilogy otherwise you won’t understand what’s happening and why they are happening. Also, the first 50 pages or so of the book were bridging any time lapse that occurred from the previous book to this one. Lastly, in my opinion, Philip, the author finished off the whole series to neatly leaving me with very little questions to ponder about.

I would recommend this book to anyone that’s a fan of mystery action books. In my opinion, STATION ZERO combined Harry Potter and the Legend Trilogy together and ended up making something more modern. Therefore it’s fair for me to say that STATION ZERO is one of the best conclusions to a trilogy that I have read in a while. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Reviewed by Ian R., Teen Board Member on February 13, 2019

Station Zero (Railhead, Book 3)
by Philip Reeve